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Falling into Winter

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The Summer leaves have fallen to the ground,
While the colors of Fall are spread all around.

The warm hues of the season are starting t fade,
Like our own dwindling youth, they march towards their graves.

Nature bows to the winds, as if to welcome a Queen,
as a once radiant Earth slips into frost bitten dreams.

The trees moan to the night in utter despair,
Yearning for shelter that just isn't there.

There's a stillness in the forest, where there was once exuberant life,
Yet happiness can be found throughout winters strife.

Winter's come calling, as the Earth breaths in deep,
And cold days are dawning, as Mother Nature weeps.

Now the trees are now barren, the animals are sleeping, and no flowers are left.
I too seek deep slumber, as the world plunges into death.

But soon Winters cold is chased away by the Sun,
Warming the world for Spring to come.

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