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Happy Valley

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Happy Valley is a nickname
For our little region in central Pa.
It's been my home for 20 years
And it's where I plan to stay

Mother Nature is gentle and kind to us
No earthquakes,hurricanes or tornadoes
No wildfires,alvalanches or mud slides
Cyclones,tidal waves or volcanoes

There are people from every race and religion
Living together in harmony
Our crime rate is low,our moral standards are high
It's the best place on earth to be

We have shopping centers and restaurants
Theaters,churches and sprcialty stores
You can go golfing,skiing,swimming or fishing
No one ever needs to be bored

In the fall,the landscape is so beautiful
Brillant colored leaves are all around
In the winter,it's like a marshmallow world
As the snowflakes,whiten the ground

In the spring,the flowers bloom brightly
And the grass turns a magnificent green
The summers can be hot and dry
And a dip in the pool feels supreme

It's home to Penn State University
And the Nittany Lion football team
Our hometown celebrity is Joe Paterno
Mt. Nittany ,our most famous scene

It's a little bit like heaven on earth
The people are friendly and kind
There is no place on earth more wonderful
You are ever going to find

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I see a beautiful spring with

I see a beautiful spring with warm sun and singing birds by reading your poem :) Why don't you share your feeling or idea about writing it?

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