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Poetry Contest (2013)

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The Old Farmer's Almanac

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Joined: 2009-08-10

March 21, 2013. With the arrival of spring comes a brand-new POETRY CONTEST.

Please share your poetry with the Almanac community!  (You can enter the poem in this thread or, even better, start a new topic. Click here to go to the main Poetry Forum page and click the button, "New Topic."

Prize: We’ll give a bundle of Almanac products to the poet(s) liked best by the editors and Almanac community. We also thought it might be nice to send off a prize to one random winner—to acknowledge all the brave souls who are willing to share their poems!

Contest Deadline: May 1. We'll announce the winners by mid-May in the Almanac Companion. 

Rules and Terms: This space is not for professional writers or photographers. In sharing content on this Web site, you agree that it does not infringe copyrights or other property rights of any party. All content submitted becomes the property of Yankee Pubishing, Inc. by appearing here. You also agree that the content you are submitting is your own. You may delete your content at will at any time.



Trees bees sneeze
Bees sneeze in trees
Trees blooms blossoms
Blooms blossom by trees
Trees unfreeze sweet breeze
Sweet breeze as the trees unfreeze

Joined: 2012-01-26

Trees bees sneeze
Bees sneeze in trees
Trees blooms blossoms
Blooms blossom by trees
Trees unfreeze sweet breeze
Sweet breeze as the trees unfreeze

Victoria Baker

Oh Spring please come
and send off Winter on the run.
I long for breezes fresh and warm
the birds to gather
the bees to swarm.
The flowers to bloom,the trees to bud
the puddles of rain making tracks of mud.
Oh hear me Spring come soon I pray.
Make Old Man Winter go away.

Joined: 2013-01-01
Astral Flowers

Cold, clear, crisp the day.
Sun shining coldly on snow
Sprinkled with fairy lights.

Astral flowers the chickadees,
cardinals, jays
Fleeing, flirting, feeding on
Seeds of the sun

Leaving behind suspended
Miniature clouds of breath
As frosted pearls against the cool sun.

Behind my pane of glass
Warm tears descend.

Ellen Brock
Beautiful Things

Beautiful things are,
Flowers in the spring,
Butterflies on the wing,
Little birds that sing.
Have you ever seen the purple flocks
That grow along the creek?
Everyone that walks along
Likes to take a peek.
They are there during early spring
For you to seek.
These are a few things that
Are beautiful to me.
Take a look around, see what you can see!

JoEllen Todd

A softening begins
air without
the sky a soft

time to stay
among the trees
grass of green

we breathe in
savor the sweet
of Spring

Maxine Werber

Indifference is not an emotion,
But a sign that means "I don't care!"
Unlike Love or Hate or Devotion,
Its a feeling that just isn't there!

Joined: 2009-08-07
Poetry Contest


The wonders of this new year,
I'm just now beginning to sense.
The chilly halcyon days now gone
Took away the weeks of suspense.
The early morning dew fallen fresh
Begets the scent of wet vernal leaves.
In flower beds new blossoms form,
With nectar nose bearly now perceives.

Park timber emits a lingering fragrance
Of scented pines and evergreen,
With other trees yet missing foliage
Giving a woodsy scent for nose to glean.
The grasses damp with spring rain
Emit their pleasing smell for miles.
Blending the air with kindred aromas,
The gift of spring in its vernal styles.

Joined: 2013-03-26
My Spring Poem

Spring in the air, winter in my hair,
one more year of memories built,
goals acomplished, dreams come true,
or maybe, not yet...some of them still wait.

Spring is in the air,and hope is in my heart,
for another year of babies, all around...
life goes on, no matter what!

William Lawler
Poetry Contest-A Haiku

Vernal equinox
Life cycle of planet earth
Autumn equinox

Helena Dewees
Poetry contest haiku

Lilacs in full bloom
Line the path and fill the air
On a warm Spring day


Tight ,green buds pushing at the sun,
You've been sleeping along time,
But,winter isn't done.

Mr.Squirrel and Mr.Jay have only just arrived,
Both have greedy,little bellies,
I guess that's needed to surrive.

The brook flows fast,
And pheasants run in a flash,
Looking for cover at long last.

My boots go crunch,then squish,
I smell the earth so rich and sweet,
That it warms soon will be my wish.

The flowers will bloom and gardens will thrive,
Then I will know spring has come ,
Spring has finally arrived.


Deep within the breast of winter
Under the pale grey day
Whispers of renewal glimmer
Sing sweet robin song
Release the joy of spring

Mac Lambert

Spring is Late

Spring has been cancelled I was told
It must be true cause it’s still so cold
Optimistic birds are full of hope
They are singing and nesting in the big oak

The crocuses are blooming in splendor
Daffodils will soon add their blossoms so tender
Maybe Mother Nature has rescheduled
And Spring is just late and not really cancelled

jody currin
farmers almanac

The signs of the moon are just the start
As i sit reading the Almanac till dark
My soul is full of gardening with phases
As i dream of planning while turning pages
The humor is placed within the heart
Taking the lightness away till dark
Old timey ancedotes that keep on fullfilling
A Farmers legacy in just the beginning
Every year i anxiously await
The new Farmers Almanac to fill up my plate
When the pages are wrinkled and full of dog ears
My heart and mind cannot wait till next years
Tonight we wait for the beautiful new worm moon
and the casting's of worms on the ground soon
Planting is beginning and we soon will harvest
Thank goodness for the referenced moon phases
Farmers Almanac worn out with dog eared pages

My thoughts are

Joined: 2013-03-20
The Seed

The Seed
I put a seed deep in the ground
It laid there silent, not the slightest sound

What seed it was I did not know
I waited patiently and watched it grow

The outer shell got moist and warm
It slowly opened for a life to form

The sun, the rain and mother earth
Nurtured the seed deep in the turf

No fruit did it bare despite my care
But a fragrance sweet did fill the air

It drew me close and closer till
It closed around me and held me still

I fought and fought with all my might
But the Venus Flytrap held me tight.
May 2 2010

S. Beermann

That Spring, each bud and blossom,
bursting with new life, brilliant colors
Absorbed into my body.
Slowly,cautiously, building into a crescendo, Springtime and I became one.
The desolate winter of the season and my being ended. Glorious fulfillment, nature became reborn, as did I.


Fall, in wood-chopping mode, works hard.
Winter, in heaving snow, dies harder.
But spring, wrapped in blankets of warmth
And quivering, not with the cold, lives.
As the barn opens and all its pure souls
Let loose;
Because it is time to live.
Before there is time no more,
There is spring,
That, in sprouting madness, only lives.

Janet Oberfoell
Spring Arrives!

Spring has arrived with a sudden surprise
Gone are the dark winter days.
The tulips stand tall
and the cardinals call
in the sun's mellow afternoon rays.


Snow Pack drips
Kaweah flows
Winding down
to garden groves.

On boulder pearched,
spy tied midge float
Winding past
wise trout who know.

Carolyn A
Spring brings more than flowers

With this poem,
I do bring,
A wish for the flowers,
That come in the Spring!

The crocus and Iris,
The daffodil,
And for a select few,
The allergy pill!

Sneezing and nose blowing,
Is how it sometimes goes,
For those with allergies,
It has its share of woes!

But Spring is the Season,
Separating Winter & Summer,
While we expect to enjoy it,
Sometimes it's more of a bummer!

Joined: 2013-04-17
"Summer" by Arielle Lynn Hare, age 9

Sitting in my room
Watching the flowers bloom
Feeling the breeze of the wind through my window
Soon the rain falls
And hits my house's outside walls
Then the sun comes up
And I see a little pup
Who comes outside to play
In the brand new day.

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