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Poetry Contest (2011)

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Joined: 2011-03-30
She was knitting her life back together

She was knitting her life back together
Each stitch
Each knit
Each purl was pulling her back together

She was just knitting
She didn’t like to purl
Just to be obstinate and perverse
She kept knitting
Feeling different
Not knowing, or caring, that is called the garter stitch
A quite respectable stitch

She was knitting her life back together
Figured she had knit enough to cover her legs
Now working towards the head
How much to knit, to ravel what had become unraveled?
To know, one must keep knitting
Until it is done
In the meantime,
She was knitting her life back together

It started out clutching to reality
It became something stronger as it grew
As it grew, it became an epiphany
As it became beautiful, reality grew
Soon, the knitting was done,
She was done
She had knitted her life back together

Joined: 2011-03-30
what ?

so incredable what a thought a warm wonderfull way to share your feelings it's "good as gold"

Joined: 2009-08-07
Little Birdie way up

Little Birdie way up high,
Hold it in as I go by.
My name ain't Snow White -- my hair is Dark
Let's keep it that way, little Lark!

Joined: 2010-10-04

Ode To The Flag

Copyright 7-4-1970
Renewed 2008,
Linda Sheehan Cunningham

Our nation's flag is a stirring sight
As it flutters proudly in the breeze.
Its colors of blue, red and white
Means so much to you and me;
Red stands for courage and hardiness,
The white means innocence and purity,
Blue for justice, perseverance and vigilance
In its promise to keep us free.

This banner stands for a bountiful land;
Its government, people and ideals,
The stripes for the thirteen colonies stand,
Its symbolism is very real.
Each state now is represented
By a star of white on blue.
President Washington first presented

Many brave men have fought and died
To protect it from dishonor and disgrace.
Wives have mourned and mothers have cried
So we could remain . . . The UNITED States.
The sight of this banner brings feelings of joy,
Of courage, pride and freedom to all.
A symbol of our nation in all its glory...
On the moon OLD GLORY stands tall.

Welcome Home and Thank You,

Linda Sheehan Cunningham, 2008

All works © Linda Cunningham

Joined: 2011-03-30

Grandfather’s hands were worn and strong,
Yet careful, when they held onto mine.
And softer still, as he stroked my hair.
So proud. Oh his eyes, did they shine!

A decade later, as he lay dying,
Months away from the work he loved.
His calloused hands, softened by sickness,
I held more tightly than could any work glove.

I held on to the memories we made.
All the hours of work we spent together.
He said with gloves, no work could be done.
And his hands were as tough as leather.

Long years have passed since he had to go.
Another place, I know it is better.
My formative years spent with him, day by day.
Held life’s lessons, right down to the letter.

He lived through things I will never know.
Gave me the training I treasure today.
He was a product of a different time
And educated in the olden way.

Although he is gone, I will always hold on.
He remains in my heart, mind and pocket.
His old knife, shaving brush and loving words,
More precious to me than a golden locket.

Much time has passed, but he is never far.
Sweet memories bring him to me somehow.
With fresh-cut hay, overalls, and aftershave.
He is here with me, even now.

I still feel his words, speak them with my mouth.
A wonderful example for us he did live.
He wasn’t my father, instead my father’s father.
I loved him and I always will.

(All rights reserved.)

Joined: 2011-03-30
Life of the wolf

Life of the wolf,
means protecting your kin
living through instinct,
not caring about sin
fighting for your home,
where lays your pack
when others come,
and decide to attack.
eating not what you want,
but only what you need
getting higher in rank
by doing a proud deed.
never feeling alone
surrounded by others.
You’re always with family,
you’re sisters and brothers

Joined: 2011-03-30
Through The Eyes of a Child

They don't see the world like us at all
They're so full of love wonder and awe.
They are trusting and patient and see no fear
so close in heart, so little and so dear.
The love they show, unconditional in every way
They show it to us each and every day
They are so sweet and kind and so meek and mild,
If only we could see through the eyes of a child.
The anger and pain, the dying in the street,
it's enough to make the whole world weep.
The fighting and stealin, there's so much hate,is it all uncalled for or is it fate?
What can we do to make it all end?
Lay down your armor and become a friend.
We need to communicate and love one another,
He's not your enemy, He's your brother.
A world so full of hate, unruly and wild,
If only we could see it Through the Eyes of a Child. copyrighted 2002, all rights resereved TXU-811-373

Joined: 2011-03-30
So true

thank you for your words. Ill cross my fingers to this.

Joined: 2011-03-30
Spring by Rains2day


Snow flakes, but the earth still awakes
Birds sing, its a sign of spring
rains come down, onto the ground
washing away the grey of the day
Feel the mud between your toes,
Oh how it makes the heart glow !
Cast a line into the Lake,
coming home with enough to bake.
The Maples are getting sappy
which makes everyone happy.
Nothing is better than the morning dew
when Spring makes the Earth fresh and new!

Joined: 2011-03-30

Sun and wind of life Begins
We all pray it never ends
For seasons always molt
and our hearts grow heavy pains
Longing for times past
but with the birth and vibrance of a colt
Marches flowers and heavy rains
You know change is here at last.

Joined: 2011-03-30
poetry contest


The morning's light dances
gaily across the horizon,
spreading warmth across the land
a thousand diamonds sparkle brightly
as the dew drops capture the sun,
a priceless treasure
never to be possessed,
the birdsong serenades us
waking us to another day,
given birth again are we,
free once more from night's womb,
a new beginning, another chance
this is where hope lies,
blessed are those who try
and try again though they fail,
who dare calls them fools,
those who live each day
as though it were the last,
and take each breath
as though it were the first


Joined: 2011-03-30

The snow has melted and Robins have returned
from their Winter flight
The daisy and daffodil have begun
to spring their sunny delight
The grass is greening before our very sight.
The warming air and bright sunlight,
a time of rejuvenation of all things in sight.

Inspiring our souls as the buds set on
Spring has sprung as it does every year,
We welcome you Spring,
as Winter has come to an end.

Joined: 2011-03-30
Mt. Fuji hiku

Fujiyamma old,
Oldest man with a white beard.
Sits and watches all.

Joined: 2011-03-30
poetry contest

Some look back in reflection,
that fork in the road that split our intentions,
Why we're here instead of there,
The " What if " question,
From all that's gathered from our main contention,
All started with one's conception.

Joined: 2010-10-06
A Tree Grows Here

Day light
Night light
Spring rains
Summer's sun
Fall winds
Winter's snow
Falling leaves
Sleeping tree
changing constantly
Sun rise
Sun set
Branches reaching out

Joined: 2011-03-30

nice play of the word

Joined: 2009-08-07
"Peaceful Warriors"

Cherokee, Apache, Sioux and Seminole,
Ancient tribes of long ago,
Sweet music to my ears i hear,
Their tom toms and their bells i fear.

They paint their faces with black and red,
To honor those that are long dead,
Dancing rings around the fire,
Giving chase to demons of desire.

Their chanting voices bring to mind,
A life i lived along another time,
When all was free as the wind,
To live the life free of sins.

But this night, a night of dance,
Is for a reason and not by chance,
They seek to free what is rightfully theirs,
A land of peace and tranquility, but no one cares.

They are not gone, but they are forgotten,
By the human race they are begotten,
A simple time, a peaceful race,
All but gone except for a trace.

Their time is coming, and no one can stand in their way,
They are the special ones, and tomorrow is theirs today.

Joined: 2009-08-07
"Forever Gone"

Yesterday if forever gone,
a memory in my mind.
Of all the things that make me, me,
of all the best is time.

Time does age a million years, a youth,
and time will tell of yesterday,
The lies, the tales, and the truth.

Joined: 2011-03-30

It's Spring and the flowers are being born. New for this year. The old of last year having returned to Mother Earth excitingly observing the "babies" blooming.
New for this year. The colors are fantastic with beautiful aromas from more than one kind of flower. It's Spring and the flowers are being born,.....
Deloris Good

Joined: 2009-08-07

The line that time arounds us binds,
The ever after laughter and chatter,
Does take ahold of my poor soul.

Bringing years of tears to all my fears, and endless would'ves and could'ves and should'ves,
Does take ahold of my poor soul.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Poetry Contest - My Antique Cup

Smelling sweet aromas that fill the air,
I take a moment to stop and care,
About the way I feel inside,
To pray that God will be my guide.

I sip hot tea from my antique cup,
And enjoy the view as I look up,
And see the beauty of this great land,
That God created and I understand.

This is my life, it's not a test,
To always pass, but to do my best,
I enjoy the warmth of the tea within,
As I feel my face beam with a grin.

Maybe that's why I love drinking tea,
It gives God a chance to talk with me,
To stop the frenzy for a little while,
To feel the warmth of His love and smile.

There are many, many types of tea,
Why not try one, two or three!
Then stop and sit in your favorite chair,
As sweet aromas fill the air.

By Gwendolyn Murray

Joined: 2011-03-30
m' m' good

warm and spiritual. to share or not to share. thanx :~)

Joined: 2009-08-07

Lord, lead me into tomorrow,to answer questions of today,
Lord, lead me into tomorrow, wash all my sins away.

Lord, let me lead a life of happiness and love,
Lord, lead me into tomorrow, to be in the above.

Lord, lead me into tomorrow, so i can be with you,
Lord, lead me into tomorrow, so i can start anew.

Joined: 2009-08-07

A crooked fork in a crooked tree,
Has grown a million miles.
To see the things that i have seen,
A single wicked smile.
All things on earth must grow,
Even this, you surely shall know.

When time is right and all is well,
Your prayers will be known,
When you hear the calling of the bell,
Your Destiny it will be shown.

Joined: 2009-08-07

Words written in my open book, a page full of tears,
A year ago a love was lost, i sob, i gasp, i fear.

What's done is done forever gone, a vision in my head,
Turned on as lights go off,
voices that are not dead.

Visions i dare not see, of all that love has taught,
Have long but gone, for you and for me and all that we have sought.

No matter how much i write, and how much i
Can never fill the emptiness,
That i now feel for you.

Joined: 2009-08-07
"Forgotten Castle"

On the hill towards the west,
There stands a castle without a crest,
Long ago it was forgotten,
with two brothers lost and a wife begotten.
The stories told are not folklore, but tales of legends and hearts no more.
Sons grow up and fight their best, but to our anquish, was there never made a crest.

The brothers war waged many years, with love and hate and feudal tears.
But sons grow up and time goes by, and the castle is forgotten; sad tears in his eyes.

The crest forgotten and time goes on,
A son is reared and wars are none.
He knows his ancient ancestry clear, and in his heart he holds it so dear.

The castle still stands on that hill in the west,
A legend in time, an ancient quest.
Memories told of long ago,
brought forth from father to son,
Makes warm our hearts with love aglow,
For the love of an only son.

Joined: 2009-08-07
"The Other Side"

On the other side lies a dark foreboding,
A wandering thing that's never aboding,
It lies in wait for the right moment,
It can spring into action for a certain opponent.

Cruelly and haltering it shows its harrowing,
It's out there to get me,
It's very bone marrowing.

Joined: 2009-08-07
"Vision Dream"

Sleep, sleep, wonderful sleep,
entombed within our soul,
brings forth visions we keep,
locked away in our hold.

Hazy forms of figures of our past,
that we wish to recall,
Memories of ones we've loved and lost,
and of our favorite doll.

Dreams are like pictures locked away forever in their place,
Sanctity of things that can only be recalled in certain ways.

So sleep and remember the things forbidden awake,
That no one, unless the dreams are the same,
can ever take.

Joined: 2009-08-07
"What Am I?"

I can not talk but i can breathe,
I can stay yet also can leave,
I am not married but have many rings,
I can cry but out comes nothing.
I can touch the ground and reach the sky,
I am taller than you are-What Am I?

Joined: 2011-03-30
rainbow ?

rainbow ?

Joined: 2011-03-30
what am I

I believe you are a tree.

Joined: 2011-03-30
Tell Me I Was Dreaming Tell

Tell Me I Was Dreaming

Tell me I was dreaming
Were the words she whispered
On the telephone
I don’t want you to go
I need you here by my side.

He could not look her in the eye
His heart was hurting so
And so he walked away
With his head hanging down
Because he couldn’t tell her no.

He wasn’t the kind of man
Who would ever run around
And when he’d been forced
Through an ever breaking heart
To walk right out that door.

He knew that this time
Would be the last he would try
No more hurt feelings
He’d never open up his heart
Time to move on and live alone.

She called him every single morn
To ask him how he was
She’d whisper I love you
Hoping to win him back
But he could never answer back.

Her words had cut him to the core
The accusations of cheating
And calling him a liar hurt
No matter how hard he tried
To prove her wrong each day.

Sure he’d made mistakes
And his words flowed like honey
To people he was flirting with
But to his credit he never once
Thought of more than that.

Once that door closed behind him
He vowed never to return
But the memory of her loving
And the smell of her perfume
Kept him awake so many nights.

So when she finally called him
And tried to win him back
To have him in her arms again
Loving her was easier than
Hurting every night.

Oh the words still echoed in his soul
The hurt he bound up tight
There was no way that he could say
What she wanted so much to hear
Those whispered words, I love you.

His heart it went on aching
And his soul felt like it was seared
The burning deep inside
Was the pain of losing himself
Once again to the words of hurt.

He tried to run, tried to hide
But everywhere he turned
Insanity neared as sleep escaped him
He was running out of options
Nowhere left to heal his soul.

That redhead started as just a friend
Someone he could share a story with
To hang out with and laugh again
To feel like a man alive
No more hurting sleepless nights.

But the answers that the other sought
Were not so obvious and
That man was such a gentle soul
He did not want to hurt her
So he hid the story of his new friend.

Tell me I was dreaming
She whispers on the phone
I want you back by my side
You’re all I ever wanted
To be my one true love.

His tears they fall like rain
As he hangs up the telephone
He can’t give her the answer
She so desperately wants to hear.
His broken heart can’t answer.

Sometimes a song can trigger
Those same teardrops falling down
His heart it aches because he hurt
That woman who wanted him
But he knows that she’s better off.

He can’t be the man she wanted
She needs a better man
Than the one she thought he was
No more fights and accusations
No more wishing she was dreaming.

Two broken hearted souls
Searching for something
Each of them wishing
That they were only dreaming
Whispered words on the phone.

Now he’s out singing nights
Sharing stories and holding hands
Trying to heal his broken heart
And still the words they haunt him
Tell me I was dreaming.

She cries herself to sleep at night
Wishing he was holding her
Waking up and reaching out
For someone who isn’t there.
Wishing she was dreaming.

He moves forward with his life
She dies a little more each day
He’s trying to heal what’s broken
She just wants it all to end.
She’s wishing she was dreaming

She cries take me back to when
We were just two people still in love
When I was all you ever wanted
And you fell asleep in my arms
Turn back the hands of time.

There’s no time machine for hurt
No magic bullet to make it better
Only time and patience
Can mend those broken hearts
Has to stop wishing she was dreaming.

Tell me I was dreaming
She whispers on the phone
Tell me I was dreaming
I just want you by my side
Tell me I was dreaming and she cries.

Joined: 2009-08-07
WOW. That is good. Thanks for

WOW. That is good. Thanks for sharing.

Joined: 2011-03-30
Cowboy's Sweetheart

Cowboy’s Sweetheart

She stands up on that little stage
Voice filling that old Legion hall
Belting out those cover tunes
Dreaming she’s at the Grand Ol’ Opry

And she’s got a cowboy in her life.
And she’s lovin’ this time
Can’t imagine a day without music
She’s a cowboy’s sweetheart

Feel that music down in your blood
She’d like her songs on the radio
But more than that she’s dreamin’
Of that cowboy being by her side

As she walks up on the stage to sing
Having him standing there watching
Snapping pictures and smilin’ support
She’s a cowboy’s sweetheart.

You’re never too old to fulfill your dreams
Grab a hold of that mike and sing
Girl you’ve got what it takes
Let that yodeling fill that hall

Someday girl you’re going to see
You’ll be standing in the spotlight
A CD on the music stands
She’s a cowboy’s sweetheart

Singing with her heart and soul
Exposing her desire to the crowd
Don’t just listen to the lyrics
Hear my intention not just the words.

She’s a cowboy’s sweetheart
And she’s going to fly
She’s a cowboy’s sweetheart
Flyin’ high and lovin’ her life.

Joined: 2011-03-30
Poem: Blessings

Thank You, Lord, for giving me two blessings such as these;
Thank You, Lord, for giving me Josh and Jeremy.
When I thought my life was too full to be blessed more;
Thank You, Lord, for Julia, my precious baby girl.

Joined: 2011-03-30
West Virginia Spring Time

My garden burns brightly with the rose-bush and the peach,
And the song bird sings above it, also in the flowers by the well,
From the vine covered trellis comes the squirrel's chattering speech,
And the blue jay screams and flutters where the cheery cherries dwell.
The wild Roses has its aromatic fragrance, where the bird’s notes are not strange.

I love the endless sunshine, and the blossom-burdened bough.
Give me the splendid woodlands where the winds of Springtime range --
Give me one day in West Virginia, for it's Spring time in heaven now!

Through the pines the gusts are booming, over the fields blowing good will,
From the furrow of the woodland streams the fragrance of the loam,
And the hawk nests on the Hillside and the crows circling the hills,
And my heart is always in West Virginia amid the sights and sounds of my home sweet home.


Joined: 2011-03-30
poetry contest

*Poembrace the Bloom*

all that blossoms is blessed
all that withers is wake
all that blossoms is bright
all that withers is wail
all that blossoms’s beloved
all that withers is wane
all that blossoms is bold
all that withers is withdraw
all that blossoms is brief
all that withers is witness
all that blossoms is bereaved
all that withers is wise

-paul siegell

Joined: 2011-03-30
Poetry Contest

Irony, Irony How You Inspire Me...

I hear you laughing
As you call my name
Your motives are baffling
Perhaps a game
You are the strings
To my marionette
You tug
It stings
My leash
Your pet
Your stories I'm told
Making me wise
Redundantly cold
At sanity's demise
My mind claims treason
Asking why?
What's the reason?
To personify
To break you down
Pick you apart
Unravel what's bound
A philosophical art
So ridicule me not
Through your satire
While others are distraught
Me, you'll inspire!

Joined: 2011-03-30
good stuff

that is nice it makes one think. I had to get the rhythm down first its fast to the point

Joined: 2011-03-30
Poet Tree

Poet Tree
Can you fathom the amount of nectar?
That blossom’s on a tree
That feed’s the imagination
And call’s all the honey Bee’s
Every kind of fruit on every bearing tree
Has great artistic taste
And individuality
Such creativity just growing on a branch
On a tree full of wonder
In an orchard on rhyme’s ranch
Just pick that fruit and eat it
Take a great big bite
There’s nothing like a slice of fruit
From the ‘poet tree’ of life

Joined: 2009-10-01
Shirley Hodge

INTENTS - Shirley Hodge

It really doesn't matter when you do it,
today, tomorrow, next week
all that really matters is -
you do it.

It really doesn't matter how you do it,
easy, hard, fast, slow
all that really matters is -
you do it.

It really doesn't matter where you do it,
here, there, anywhere
all that really matters is -
you do it.

It really doesn't matter why you do it,
love, money, glory
all that really matters is –
you do it.

Joined: 2011-03-30

so true. such a nicley worded poem.

Joined: 2011-03-30
Little Men

My son stands up strong, and as brave as he can
Inside the gap somewhere between boy and man

How my heart weakens inside of my chest
When I tuck him in gently at nightfall to rest

I watch him now sleeping deep in the night
My eyes brim with tears that I can’t seem to fight

Reaching under his pillow, I feel little men
Breathing sighs of relief I tiptoe out again

Little men guard the innocence of my child’s heart
I take comfort in knowing toys still play a part

Within a boy’s world, always moving so fast
Where the wide eyes of youthfulness don’t seem to last

Lord, give me courage to face the day’s dawn
When my fingers discover the little men gone

Anna Kittrell

Joined: 2011-03-30

I have to say this moved me I raised my son my self and he went from playing with toy soldiers to being one. he's a fine young man.and now he's a daddy __nice poem thank you

Joined: 2011-03-30

Trip Around The Sun

You’ll never know how far you can get until you fall and hit the ground
You’ll never realize the words from your lips can say it all without a sound
You can’t be brave until you’re scared to death
You can’t dive deep unless you hold your breath

You can't believe that angels exist till you've looked in the devils eyes
You couldn't know what lonely really is until you've had to say goodbye
You can't begin to heal unless you break
So drink in all the beautiful mistakes

Here’s to the youth we lost
And to the path we veered off
And all the dreams still left undone
For all the love we wasted
At leased our heart embraced it
And the journey’s just begun
Here’s to your trip around the sun

The moments fly away
365 days
Hope we look back and say
No regrets

Joined: 2011-03-30
Silver tidal pools

Glorious season of summer
you seem so very far away
Like a distant memory of childhood
when forever was an endless day
Surrounded by warmth of family
and sun's daylight glow
How I miss every familiar
sight & sound of long ago
These thoughts are never far
from the hearts and memories of all
I still see the glistening silver tidal pools
and hear the sea gulls call
Oh endless days, salty spray, sunshine's ray
The sea glass collecting, shell inspecting, sandbars dressings
Sailboats in the distance, feathery clouds intermittent, I remember every instance
How we wish we could go back to that melancholy season
but the sun has set in the fiery sky
Tell me why does time go by
in the sparkling blink of a weary eye
The ocean is a cherished, magical spot
Thank you Summer for every

Joined: 2009-08-17
Blessed Bounty

As the Great Mother Gaia continues to turn,
and the Sun in the sky continues to burn,
the seeds that were dropped from their places last year
are starting to sprout and they soon will appear.
With their tiny green shoots they will push up their head
and forming their leaves they’ll continue to spread.
Growing and budding and blooming their flowers,
blessed by the earth and the suns golden powers.
Bringing their bounty into fruition,
lifting our spirits and giving nutrition
to all of humanity, waiting to share
in the gifts and the wonder they’re starting to bear.

copyright 2011 Lois Clark

Joined: 2011-03-30

very nice very thoughtfull and I liked it too

Joined: 2009-08-17
The Quest

‘Tis the month of December and all thru the house
my Mom has laid traps tryin’ to catch her a mouse.
With its tiny mouse teeth and its tiny mouse paws
it climbed in her dresser and chewed up her draw's.
So Mom swore an oath and took up a vow
to kill off the varmint, she didn’t care how.
She pulled out her dresser and swept out the lint,
then stuffed in behind it some fresh peppermint.
She was told that the mice didn’t tolerate well,
the taste of the stuff or its pungent mint smell.
But that didn’t work and the varmint came back,
so Mom has put traps into every crack.
There’s old traps and new traps and sticky traps too,
that the mouse can run ‘cross and get stuck in the goo.
And still Mamas prey continues its spree.
In spite of her efforts the varmint runs free.
And which one will win ?
Well, there's no way of knowing.
Considering how the battle’s been going,
Not the mouse, nor my Mother
shall give up or stop.
It remains to be seen
who will come out on top….

copyright 2011 Lois Clark

Joined: 2011-03-30

that is so great pesky critters the war is on. poetry at it's finest

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