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What She Wants

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Joined: 2011-03-06

I've got two legs hangin off of the bed
I got a doggie here wantin to be fed

What she wants is some lovin
So I have to give in to what she's wantin

Love to know we are cared for
So where do we find it I want some more

Life is about findin the ones we want to keep
And puttin the ones away that make us weep

If I gotta shake da dirt from my shoes
To get rid of thier blues

My search keeps me goin
And my blood a flowin

Now I got an idea and where it came from
I do believe is from another kingdom

I don't believe it's just my imagination
But something from our first and final destination

If this world turns around on it's own accord
It just can't be without our Lord

The flowers are a blumin and trees are green
And with our eyes this force is seen

If I can't see this I must be blind
Cause every mornin I wake up it's somethin I must find

Every beat of my heart my world will start
With the hope in knowing that I am a part

This idea of energy from God above
And the beauty of this thing called Love

God Bless You All and for Eternity
Kenneth D. Marshall

Joined: 2011-03-06
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This poem is about concepts of God
our Creator.

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