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Bayberry candle making?

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Joined: 2009-08-07

Mostly I want to know how to make them, as I'm going to order some bushes, and want to put some of the berries to use later on.:)

I'm assuming I will be able to make some with natural scent, and have them smell good, but added scent recipes will be welcome as well!:)

Also the nursery catalog I'm going to get these from has a recipe for Desert Cherry Cake I think it was they called it, to be made from Sand-cherries, so I'm hoping more than ever that mine will eventually provide crops. Other tart cherries can be substituted for the sand-cherries, but it would be nice to find out what the sand-cherries taste like!

Joined: 2010-11-10
Bayberry candles

My favorite bayberry. Yankee Candle stopped making them and have no clue on where to go. What nursery catalog are you using?

Joined: 2009-08-07
It's from the,

University Of Idaho's nursery. Kind of like buying wholesale! :)

Also, Ken replied to the other thread I posted on the gardening and had some information for me on the candle making. :)

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