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Cooking tongue?

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On the gardening forum someone asked about cooking tongue. I answered with how I remembered my mum boiling it in salt water and putting it inbetwix two wooden boards with a heavy weight on it. As it is some 50-60 years ago was my rememberer right or have I forgotten some important bit.
We used to eat it in sandwiches or with a salad

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My way is delicious and

My way is delicious and simple, Boil them with salted water till soft and tender, once cooked drain and with you're hand tear them apart into shredds, you can dice them if you want but i prefer to shredd them, then in a separate bowl add 3-4 garlic crushed and smashed in a mortar pestle, then add a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil, chopped up with parsley or coriander (not both one or the other) black pepper and salt and chilli (chilli optional). once finished stir in the tongue and belisssimo.

P.S make sure the tongue is cooled down a little bit before mixing it in with the saurce.


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