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macaroni and cheese

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I would like a recipe using macaroni that is baked in the oven not precooked in a pot of water

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An Idea For You

I don't have an exact recipe, but consider this:

If lasagna can be baked without cooking the pasta first, so can mac'n'cheese.

The idea with lasagna is that the pasta cooks from the juices of the sauce and ricotta cheese.

SO do the same for mac'n'cheese with extra milk & butter or add cottage cheese. It doesn't have to be swimming in juices, just try 25% more (if you use 1 cup milk normally, then use 1-1/4 cup with dry macaroni).

Give it a try! (Just don't announce that it is on the menu beforehand.) :)

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another suggestion.

every non boil lasagna recipe i have seen sits overnight. maybe you could do all those suggestions the night before baking?

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link for mac and ch recipes
Here is a link for some recipes for mac and cheese. Just copy and paste in your browser. I have a friend who LOVES mac and cheese and I printed this whole book for her as a gift.

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Mac and Cheese

This recipe might be worthwhile. I don't think it has to sit overnight

[cooking contests]

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Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe


* 1 Cup cooked macaroni
* 1 cup soft bread crumbs
* 1 tsp chopped onion
* 1 cup grated cheese
* 1 1/2 cups milk
* 2 eggs, well beaten
* 1 tsp chopped green pepper
* 1 tbsp butter
* salt, petter and paprika

Combine all ingredients. Season to taste. Pour into a well-oiled baking dish. Set in pan of warm water. Bake in moderate oven (375 degrees F) about 45 minutes.
To know more about recipe visit -

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