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Not Just Your Granma's Gingerbread

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Joined: 2009-08-07

I like a good gingersnap.

I like history. (I mean really, human beings are a fickle lot, and history gets "adjusted" to suit).

So as one who enjoys her 1700's era recipe for rice pudding from this Almanac, I went off in search of gingerbread and cookies.

Now the Almanac is one of my favorite resources on all kinds of information and fun facts, and I can't expect them to collect everything.

SO ~~~

Now fellow historians, who can resist recipes from the 1800's? How about the 1700's? Then the 1600's and 1500's Elizabethan and Renaissance times? And a reference from 1300's Chaucer??!???!!?!

Check it out:

And I'm not naming names, but for those of us who occasionally "misplace" recipes, there is a nice search option.

I even found my mom's favorite dessert for church potluck and large home gatherings. Popular in the 70's, called "Crown Jewel" or "Broken Glass" Dessert.


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