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Separating jam

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Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone could suggest a possible cause for cooked jam separation. I have always made freezer jam in the past but wanted to try to conserve space in the freezer this year.

Also, would appreciate opinions on the taste of cooked vs freezer jam/jellies. A friend said that she thought the freezer type tasted fresher and more like the original fruit but she always makes the cooked type.

Thanks ~C~

I've been canning jellies and

I've been canning jellies and jams many years, have not had any separation problems, but it may have to do with the amount of sugar and cooking time. A good resource for tips on canning of any type is the Ball Canning website, The Ball Blue Book is also a great resource for canning instructions and tips. As for differences between freezer jams and cooked jellies, I agree with your friend, freezer jams do tend to have a fresher taste. My experience with freezer jams is that they didn't always set up well, and usually I ended up with a delicious ice cream topping! Not really a bad thing, LOL.

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