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What is ascorbic acid?

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I have a recipe that calls for ascorbic acid to be added to prevent browning of fruit? Does anyone know where to buy such a thing? I've asked around my stores and look at me as if I were from another planet. Any help and advice would be great and where I could find this useful item. I live in the central U.S. (Chicago area).

ascorbic acid

Look in your grocery spice,produce or canning section look for Fresh Fruit it comes in a 5 oz bottle. or just squezee lemon juice on your fruit.Also vitamin c powder.

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Ascorbic acid

hummeerluv has it. Ascorbic acid is just the chemical name for the vitamin C in lemon juice.

Phyllis C. Rush
ascorbic acid

Look in the fruit or canning supplies section for ascorbic acid, also in the spice rack section.
You can substitute lemon juice in your recipe for the ascorbic acid. The lemon juice or asc. acid keeps food from turning brown. Example, squeeze lemon juice over peaches, apples, in your berries, also when using these fruits for baking pies.

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