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2011 list for trade

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Joined: 2010-03-17

i have these items for trade
flowers and vines:

hollyhock several varieties
cherokee sunset rudbeckia (black-eyed susan)
old fashion clematis & several other types
nigella blue& white
red cypress vine (hummingbirds love it)
morning glory
love lies bleeding (several varieties)
cosmos (grows up to 7ft butterflies love it)
hardy bush type hibiscus (perennial zone 6 & re-seeder) white,pink,red,maroon/dark purple
envy zinnia
red zinnia
plains coreopsis
pearly everlasting
babys breath
pink carmencita (castor bean,repels moles?)
pink & white rose of sharon
sunflower & black oil (gold finch love it)
purple cosmos
eyeball/toothache plant/flower
purple coneflower
thistleblack-eyed susan
beauty berry
red coneflower (will have these soon)
orange trumpet vine
confederate rose hibiscus


armenian cucumber
wisconsin smr 58 pickler cucumber
round zucchini 1 trade
youngs pumpkin
delicata squash 1or 2 trades left
table queen acorn squash
indian squash
buttercup squash
scallop squash
yellow squash
spaghetti squash
white u.f.o. squash 1 trade
light short neck cushaw
darker green long cushaw
sm white pumpkin
sm orange pumpkin
pan patty squash
carnival squash
early summer crookneck squash 2 trades left
egg plant several types
bok choy
butternut squash
brussel sprouts
white/yellow acorn squash
harvester green bean 1 or 2 trades
choy sum
pumpkin (from halloween pumpkin)


aunt rubys german green (a few left)
nichols pink cherry (a few left)
ace 55 vf (a few left)
delicious (a few left)
golden tomato ( not sure if girl or boy)
heirloom mix
hazelfield farm (just a few)
hendersons pink ponderosa (just a few)


jalapeno 2nd generation
cayenne pepper long slim
yellow ornamental pepper ("hot" peppers point straight up on plant)
sweet pickle pepper
white amish bell
banana pepper
early jalapeno (red)
santa fe grande

herbs greens&lettuce:

southern giant curled mustard (1 trade)
moss curled parsley (1or2 trades left)
long island mammoth dill (1 trade left)
red lettuce (3 left)
sweet leaf dill (1or2 left)
borage (1or2 left)
corn salad
slow bolt cilantro (2 left)
gourmet lettuce blend (a few left)

verona watermelon (1 trade left)
delicious 51 melon
honey rock melon
early indiana cantaloupe


green apple gourd 2nd generation
birdhouse gourd 3rd generation

Joined: 2011-03-10
I am willing to send postage

I am willing to send postage for some of your seeds

Joined: 2011-03-20

I have sunflower and giant red zinnia would you trade for banana pepper and ponderosa tomato?

Joined: 2011-03-10

would you trade for pink eye hull peas for giant red zinnia thx Kenneth

Joined: 2011-02-07
Seeds for SASE

I was wondering if I could send you a SASE for red hibiscus and red cone flower. My e-mail address is

Joined: 2011-03-27
Hello Danny. I am looking for

Hello Danny. I am looking for some seeds to get started for sase and would love some clematis, (any kinds), nigella blue & white, love lies bleeding (any), envy zinnia, single zinnias (if you have any), early jalapeno (red), & white amish bell pepper if you would not mind.

Here is a link to my post for what I am looking for:

Since I have not put in a garden in years I do not have anything to swap but if you setup a reminder to contact me at the seasons end then I am sure I will have plenty. Anything you would like to help me with would be great. Thank you for looking!


Joined: 2011-04-06
Do you still have the red

Do you still have the red coneflower? thanks

Joined: 2010-03-17
red coneflower

yes, but not too many.

Joined: 2009-08-08
envy zinnia

What does that look like? I would like to trade something 4 some envy zinnias if u will. I have 4 oclocks, peter pepper, mexican sunflower, catnip, moonflower, yellow zinnias and multi-headed sunflower. my email

Joined: 2011-06-20
pepper trade

Would you like to trade early jalapeno (red) or santa fe grande for italian pepperoncini? My email is

Joined: 2011-07-16
Round Zucchini and Banana Pepper

Hello. I am new at gardening, so I do not have any seeds to offer. Will you kindly send me Zucchini and Banana pepper seeds? I will send you postage.

Joined: 2011-07-24
Here's My List

Danny, do you have any Hollyhocks, Red Coneflower, and WI Pickler Cuke seeds left? If so I would like a few.

My 2011 List is small but see if you want any. The seeds were bought mostly via Internet and just can't plant them fast enough. We are in Zone 9. :)

Burpee Seed Co.

Amaranthus (Love-Lies-Bleeding)
Stevia Sweet Leaf Herb
Butterfly Bush Hybrid Mix


Pinto Beans

Kitazawa Seed Co.

Chrysandthemum Greens
Edible Burdock
Podded Snow Pea
Thai Chili Pepper
Chinese Leeks
Sesame Black
Eggplant (Konasu)

Evergreen Seed Co.

Aspargus Beans
Oriental Spinach

Ordered 7/24/11 from Burpee Seed Co. and when I receive them these will be avail. for swap...

Below are all Heirloom:

Mustard Tendergreens
Bull's Blood Beets
Purple Top White Turnip
Red Russian Kale

Why not share? :)

Joined: 2011-08-09
Would love to have

Would love to have --->>>
spaghetti squash
orange pumpkin
egg plant

I have the following plants--->>>

roses of sharron bushes

mimosa trees

red bud

berry bushes
berry tree

pear tree/bush

honey suckle

wild strawberries?

and more......

Joined: 2012-07-13
Hi from Mississippi

Danny I would like to have some of your flower seeds
Hollyhocks all colors
Nigella blue and white
Love lies bleeding
old fashion clematis
eyeball/toothache plant/flower
purple coneflower
red coneflower
orange trumpet vine
And any other vines that you might have

Joined: 2012-08-04
Hi from Minnesota

Danny,,I was wondering if I could swap some seeds for some confederate rose hibiscus seeds and whatever else you would like to send. All I have are hollyhocks at this time.. I could also send you a sase if that would be ok too.. Please let me know,, My email address is Thank you so much

Joined: 2012-08-15
Interested in some seeds

I would love to trade for some of your seeds. I have quite a few seeds, mostly vegetable. My email address is

Joined: 2012-09-22
Looking for seeds for sase

Hello Danny, Would like to have if still available. Cosmos that the butterflies loves, bird house gourd 3th generation, pink carmencita (castor bean,repels moles wow I have a bunchof moles would love to give it a try.)
sunflower & black oil (gold finch love it)
purple cosmos.
Thank you

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