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Looking for Indian corn or maize

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hello, I grow maize I have

hello, I grow maize I have oxacan green, hopi blu and hopi purple, a mix of the two... an eastern white called warriors Path and this year Istartedto grow some reds that I do not know the origin of. from the same seed source that was a cream streaked with orange and red-brown 10 inch cobs.. I got some very dark red almost black with purple husks, a pink, the same as above and a multicolored grouping. I have ears that are fairly pure and I have some that have mixed well with all the colors of wter and clouds... (I call it sunrise blue) I also grow triple play blu, yellow white open polinatted sweet corn and a bicolor odl fashioined sweet.. I ussually get a dollar an ear..what do you have to trade? ( I gorw on five acres for farmers markets)

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