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Desperate for seeds.

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Joined: 2013-03-07

My name is Jessica Hampton and I recently got diagnosed with Lupus and can no longer work. Therefore I am home constantly. I had to recently move in with my mother in law because we couldn't afford our bills since my husband became a college student. It is tough survivng and food isn't cheap. So I picked up some started seeds for tomatos and peppers and for once in my life they are sprouting! I have killed every other plant I have ever owned. I think God has blessed me with a green thumb later on in my life. I am excited tosee what I can further do, but I am here asking for help from my fellow gardeners. If anyone at all can spare some extra seeds to donate to me I would be so appreciative?! I can bed contacted on Facebook under Jessica Hampton or email me at jessiemattingly@yahoo.com. Thank you and everyone be blessed.

II can offer you 8 mini packs of...you choose

my 2012 grow outs - seed harvested in fall 2012.

1. Old Ivory Egg tomato
2. Snow White Cherry tomato
3. Orange Russian oxheart tomato
4. silvery fir tree tomato
5. Green zebra tomato
6. Copia red & orange striped tomato
7. Qiyanai Huang a determinant wilt gene/wispy/droopy growth habit round orange tomato.
8. Tigerella - small round red and orange striped tomato

Plus some...harvested in 2011- unknown germination rates, but should have some come up-I planted 3 brussel sprout seeds and got 3 seedlings :)

9. Arugula
11. Lettuce
12. Zucchini
13. Roma tomato
14. pink brandywine tomato
15. Green tomatillo
16. Brussel sprouts
17. early girl red round tomato HYBRID seeds may result in plants/fruit DIFFERENT from the parent plants - good for eating only, not for seed saving, unless you don't care about variances.

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