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free birdhouse gourd seeds/s.a.s.e.

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24 replies [Last post]
Joined: 2010-03-17

if anybody wants any birdhouse gourd seeds
just send me a s.a.s.e. or we can trade if you like.
danny jomo

Joined: 2009-08-08
Birdhouse Gourd and Sunflower Seeds

I am interested in your birdhouse gourd seeds, as well as some of your sunflower seeds if you still have some. What kind of sunflower is it? What else might you have available for trade? And what types of seeds would you like in exchange? I have all kinds of veggie seeds I can trade...all open pollinated/heirloom varieties; many of them rare or unheard of here in the states.

I will await your reply. Thanks!

Joined: 2010-03-17
birdhouse gourds/trade

hi janet,
a trade sounds great!
i have
hardy pink,white hibiscus
mini orange& white pumpkins
birdhouse gourds
indian squash
butternut squash
love lies bleeding
black eyed susan
unknown pink and yellow flowers
purple coneflower
rose of sharon
pepper mix
super chili pepper 40k-50k scoville
yellow straight squash
yellow crook-neck squash early summer
"jumbo" mammoth sunflower and several other sunflower and black oil seeds.
autumn beauty sunflower
dutchman pipe vine

lemon boy
aunt rubys german cherry
japanese black trifele
ace 55 vf

painted lady runner bean
scarlet runner bean

delicious 51
minesota midget
honey rock

black beauty

mustard southern giant curled

early jalapeno
round zucchini
buttercup squash
table queen acorn
hubbard squash
cucuzzi squash
woods prolific bush scallop squash
apple gourd
carnival squash
sweet dumpling squash
japanese cushaw
spaghetti squash
delicotta squash

armenian cucumber
wisconsin smr#58(pickler) cucumber

dill long island mammoth
parsley moss curled
slow bolt cilantro

jericho lettuce
red lettuce

i am interested in anything rare,unusual or unheard of, be it vegetable or flower.
i am also looking for tree seeds of any type and i have been looking for fuschia for a long time.
danny jomo
2306 mellwood ave
louisville ky 40206-1043

Joined: 2010-01-17
bird house gourd seeds and flower and veg seeds

Thank you for all the seeds for the sase. I am so enjoying them.

Joined: 2010-03-17

i hope you do enjoy the seeds.
if you get a chance let me know how they turn out or if you need anything else just let me know.

Joined: 2010-03-26
bird house gourd seeds

Hello I am really interested in some gourd seeds. I plan on sending a sase. Please include whatever else you might care to part with. I will send some of my own seeds as well. Thanks

Joined: 2010-01-25
Your bean seeds

Hi, would you like to swap some bean seeds? I see you have painted lady runner bean &
scarlet runner bean.
Thanks -- L :)

Joined: 2010-03-17
bean seeds

a swap is fine with me but i have to see how many of each that i have left. i will send you whatever i have remaining.

Joined: 2009-08-11
I have

four o'clocks if you are interested and would like to have some sunflowers.

Elsie in Ohio ./.

Joined: 2010-03-17
lets trade

a trade would be great! would you like the birdhouse gourd seeds too?
danny jomo
2306 mellwood ave
louisville ky 40206-1043

Joined: 2010-04-16
birdhouse seeds

i would like birdhouse gourd seeds. sending you a sase. diana

Joined: 2010-03-17
birdhouse seeds

sounds great! as soon as i get the sase i will send the seeds.
danny jomo

Joined: 2010-05-02
birdhouse seeds

Do u still have any?

Joined: 2010-03-17
birdhouse gourd

sorry to hear about your garden.
i still have several birdhouse seeds and vegetable seeds. we can either swap or you can send me a sase with at least two stamps attached to it. the legal size envelope seems to work the best. if you send a sase please include a note telling me what it is that you want. you can also ck out my seeds to swap in the forum,

Joined: 2010-04-16
did you get my sase

hi did you get my sase for bh gourd seeds? sincerely diana

Joined: 2010-03-17

hi diana,
i got your sase. the package that i sent you should arrive today.i mailed it on monday.please let me know when you get it.
hope you enjoy it.

Joined: 2010-01-17

I am interested in heirloom seeds of any kind. Actually any kind of perrenial or garden seeds. I will gladly send a SASE where do I send it to?

Joined: 2010-03-17
danny jomo 2306 mellwood

danny jomo
2306 mellwood ave
louisville ky 40206-1043
a legal size envelope seems to work the best with at least two stamps attached.
please enclose a note teling me what you want too.
thanks, danny

Joined: 2010-05-22

Hi Danny. I might have some white Datura seeds. I was wondering if you would like to trade? I also have some seeds for lemon balm basil and few types of beans. Really interested in the jalapeno peppers and dill. What is the Indian Squash. I'm Indian so that seems quite interesting. I will gladly take any seeds if u don't have the ones I asked for since I am starting a brand new garden. Thanks much and I can send u whichever seeds u want tomorrow. My address is 6 Leros Court, Sacramento CA 95823. Let me know what u want by email at rlal85@sbcglobal.net and I will send it out. Thanks a bunch. :)

Joined: 2010-10-22
birdhouse gourd seeds

Hi Danny
send me your address and I will send a SASE for some of your gourd seeds if you still have some. Suzzi I have loads of zinnia, mini sunflower, rockrose that I could trade.



Are there any seeds left?

Are there any seeds left?

Joined: 2015-03-15
Birdhouse gourds

Hi Danny,

I'm interested in the birdhouse gourds seeds you have. Is there any seeds your looking for I may have them?

Theresa Crosman
Would love to have some gourd

Would love to have some gourd seeds, please

Joined: 2015-05-16

Hello Danny,
If you still have the bird house gourds I would like some please.
I've only just started so right now I only have persimmon and red orange and yellow bell pepper seeds. Please let me know.


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