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Fruit and Veggie seeds I have to trade!

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Joined: 2012-11-07

Here is what I have to offer. I am willing to accept anything that I don't already have in my folder!

10 Cheddar Head Pumpkin Seeds
5 Kiwano Melon Seeds
5 Passion Fruit Seeds
5 Dragon Fruit Seeds
15 Super Green Bell Pepper Seeds
15 Super Red Bell Pepper Seeds
15 Super Yellow Bell Pepper Seeds
15 Super Orange Bell Pepper Seeds

I have multiple packs of everything listed, so if more then one person wants one thing, that won't be a problem!

Joined: 2012-10-11

Would love to trade with you...Interested in Passion fruit and Dragon fruit. Thanks!

Here is my trade list...

Joined: 2009-08-07
Let's Trade!

Interested in your pumpkin and pepper seeds. Please check out my list and LMK if you want to trade. Thanks, Jen

Joined: 2009-08-08
Pumpkin seeds

Hi.. I have some heirloom cushaw seeds I'll trade you for some of your cheddar head pumpkins if you're interested.. my email is thanks

nancy Wheeler king
melon seeds

have wonderful cherry seeds

=Floy Height

I have white Moonflower seeds, night blooming, that I would trade for Dragon fruit or passion fruit seeds.

elvi miller
I have maypop and ground

I have maypop and ground cherry seeds. Would like to trade for cheddar pumpkin.

elvi miller
sorry forgot email,

sorry forgot email,

Joined: 2013-01-21
seed swap

Hello everyone. I am in a new house and yard and I am starting off fresh. I would like any kind of seeds anyone is willing to mail me in a envelope and 1 stamp.I dont have anything to swap but I can say a prayer for your family and your garden. My address is 14050 NW 72nd terrace Trenton Fl. 32693

May God Bless and Hope God watches over us this new year. James Baker

need seeds

Second year organic gardener here! starting a community garden to combat food additives and costs also to help teach kids and adults to grow their own food! any donations will be paid forward when I harvest! I plan on saving seeds and giving them away for next year! Thanks to all who take the time to garden !

I'm a dummy

my address is C.L.Keen 4728 River Rd. Wilson,NC 27893


i'm collecting different types of peppers. and any extra pumpkin are welcome :) send me an email so we can exchange address

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