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Heirloom Seeds, Vegetable, Fruit, Flower, Herb etc.

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Joined: 2011-04-27

My spouse and I have decided to learn to grow all of our own food (family of 7) and to save seeds for next season. We are also in the process of building our own chicken coop and obtaining (eventually) a few goats. We want to be completely self sustaining (or as much as is possible at this point). I am looking for any kind of heirloom seed, veggie, fruit, edible flower, herb (medicinal or culinary), etc. I don't have alot to swap. I misunderstood when first teaching myself about gardening. I went and bought $100 worth of "organic" seeds rather than "heirloom" seeds, not realizing that they weren't the same thing. I found an amazing place in the next town over who sells heirlooms so I been buying a few here and there. If anyone has any extras they are willing to share I would be ever so grateful. Every little bit helps. If anyone wants my "organic" seeds in exchange you are more than welcome to them. I have the following left;

carrot, bell pepper, eggplant, squash, oregon sugar pod peas,arugula, yellow crookneck squash, congo watermelon, and pumpkin.

If interested please email me at

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Check the varieties of your

Check the varieties of your organic seeds. Several of the more common varieties are actually open pollinated varieties, so seed can be saved from them. Organic seed is produced without synthetic chemicals. Heirloom seeds are seeds grown for generations in a family or area, collecting the seed and replanting them. Open pollinated varieties are those which when seed form them is planted, then the offspring are true, or the same as the parent plant. To save seed to plant ever year, you actually need open pollinated varieties. They can be heirloom or not, as you choose. However it does not have to be heirloom, just open pollinated. I do think that heirlooms offer superior flavor and disease resistance, and can become adapted to different growing conditions better, being stronger in your garden over time. this is just a matter of opinion, though.

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I will send you a mail soon.

I will send you a mail soon. I have a few options you might like.

Joined: 2012-09-22

I was wondering if you still have oregon sugar pod peas? I have Cantaloupe, orange marigolds, and chia seeds.Hope we can trade thank you maria

mimosa tree seeds

i have mimosa tree seeds to swap for any other tree seeds or tomato email iss

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