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Hi, gardening newbe here.

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Joined: 2014-02-13

Hi! This is my first time on a seed swap.

I have several veggies, I have a small amount of each I can share;

Guisante Maestro Pea
Touchon Carrot
Berenjena long purple eggplant
Rabano German Giant Radish
Triumphe de Farcy Garden Bean
Straight Eight Cucumber

I hope to save some seeds this year, from the veggies I don't have enough of to share this time and offer more from this crop, in the future.

What I'd Like;

I'd really like some fruit seeds. I'd take just about any kind of fruit, except Blueberry as I'm allergic to them.

As for veggies I'd like some beans, black beauty eggplant, swiss chard, any dark leafy greens, pie pumpkins, frisee lettuce, watermelon.

I also would go for any uncommon fruits and veggies.

Thank you,

Joined: 2014-02-13
I am grateful for any

I am grateful for any replies.

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