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I have lots of seeds to trade!

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Joined: 2009-08-07

Seeds I have to trade:
Ageratum, Blue Floss flower**
Bee Balm, pink **
Black Fountain Grass 'Moudry'(self-seeder)
Calendula-mixed yellows**
Calliopsis, Coreopsis tinctoria- red and yellow**
Centaurea cyanus, Bachelor Button Mixed colors**
Chives, flowering - purple **
Clematis 'Nelly Moser' Pink & white**
Cleome, Pink and whites **
Columbine 'Ruby Port'- dark red **
Evening Primrose, Yellow **
Four O'Clocks, Mirabilis jalapa Solids & Broken mixed **
Hollyhocks, Powderpuff Doubles Whites
Impatiens balsamina-Assort.colors **
Joe Pye Weed **
Lemon Balm **
Lettuce, Oakleaf **
Liatris, purple **
Love-in-a-Mist, Nigella - Blue**
Lunaria ,Money Plant- blue**
Mallow, 'Zebrina' **
Marigold, French - mixed **
Siberian Iris, Violet ** 2 trades
Stella D'Oro lily **
Saponaria vaccaria, Soapwort - pink beauty **
Woodland Tobacco, Nicotiana white **
Verbena bonariensis- blue/violet **

Joined: 2012-01-26
seed trade?

I would like to trade for the following:

Bee Balm, pink **
Black Fountain Grass 'Moudry'(self-seeder)
Clematis 'Nelly Moser' Pink & white**
Columbine 'Ruby Port'- dark red **
Lettuce, Oakleaf **

Would you trade your four o

Would you trade your four o clocks, marigolds, or bachelor button for mixed carnations, sunflower, poppy, or wildflower seeds? If so email me at cierra 321@ymail.com

Buy tomato seeds

Dear Sir/Madame

I can deliver you tomato seeds 80-85% germination.
I begin with 500.000 tomato seeds, I can deliver more.

I can send you tomato samples with 100 tomato seeds.

When you will buy this product you can come to Holland to pick it up?.

I can deliver this seeds for very special prices.

I can also deliver many other seeds.

Best regards Marko Karremaker.

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