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ISO Rouge Vif Pumpkin & Herb Seeds!

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Joined: 2011-03-23

Hey guys, I'm planning my garden this year, but money is so horribly and extraordinarily tight this year, so I was hoping that some fabulous members, here, could help me out with some seeds they might have on hand. Sadly, many of my herbs and plants did not produce any seeds last year. :o( And, it was weird, 'cause the bees were soooo busy all Summer and Autumn in my garden! Actually, the ONLY plants that I grew which seemed to produce any seeds at all were my Dill and Honey Goldybear Sunflowers!'s what I'm looking for at the moment:

* Rouge Vif d'Etampes ("Cinderella") Pumpkin
* Clary Sage
* Lime Basil
* Herakles or Hercules Dill
* Marjoram
* Greek oregano
* Anise (I def. want to grow this baking spice, this year, because it looks as easy to grow as my Dill was!)
* Calendula ("orange zinger" var. because it has a high resin content)
* Elecampane (does that even come as a seed? Not sure if I've even seen that anywhere)
* Artemisia ("Fringed Sage")
* Mugwort
* Salvia divinorum (Diviner's Sage; want to grow this one before some stupid lawmaker's decide to ban it!)
* Salvia (Prairie Blue sage)
* Vervain
* Anise Hysopp (aka Lavender Hysopp)
* Sweet Annie (aka Sweet Wormwood, Artemisia annua)
* Lovage
* Angelica
* Valerian
* Motherwort
* Horehound
* Sweet Fennel (not Florence Fennel)
* White Sage
* Yarrow (common)

All my best,

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