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Joined: 2012-03-28

Hello there!I am a new member and a newbee to seeds! I don't know much and this is my first year that I grow plants from seeds. I've read about Heirloom varieties and I am a little bit confused.I ordered some seeds and I don't know which of them are proper for saving.I want to know for sure which of the seeds I can keep for reseeding.In the seeds' packet there are no explanation if the seeds are Heirloom or Hybrids so I don't know if I can keep them. Below I have a list with seeds I have.Could anyone help me and tell me which seeds are proper for reseeding?
1) squash early butternut
2)tomato black cherry
3) aubergine bonica F1
4) Cucumber lungo cinese digerible Italian Range cucumis sativus
5)sweet pepper D'asti Giallo
6) pepper sweet banana
7) courgette F1 ambassador (Marrow)
8)strawberry Toscana
9) tomato Tigerella
10) tomato Abraham Lincoln
11) strawberry Mignonette
12) tomato mountain pride F1
13) Tomato ferline F1(lycoperiscon)
14)cucumber Gherkin national
15) tomato azriel F1 (lycoperiscon)
16)tomato Shirley F1
17) french bean climbing blue lake
18) tomato tumbling tom red
19)sweet pepper redskin F1
20)Aubergine Hansel F1
21)tomato sweet 'N' Neat cherry red
22)tomato Moneymaker (lycoperiscon)
23) tomato moenymaker organic sourced
24)tomato applause F1 (lycoperiscon)
25)tomato bella rosa
26)tomato alicante (lycoperiscon)
27)tomato amish paste
28)cucumber lemon
29) cucumber Hana F1
30)tomato rio grande Italian Range
31) tomato roma nano Italian Range

I am waiting for your answers!!!Here in Greece the weather is perfect for seeding.Sunny and warm!

Joined: 2012-03-28
Thank you!

Thank you!

Laura the Sower
heirloom or open polinated vs. F1 hybrids

Hi if your seed packet doesn't say hybrid or F1 then you can save the seeds and get babies similar to the parent plants. F1 is a first generation hybrid so don't save these seeds!

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