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Looking Rose of Shaon Seeds

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Joined: 2011-03-10

I am looking for Rose of Shanon , Hibiscus and seeds of the same matter.

Joined: 2009-08-07
I have a lot of RoS bushes

I have blue and white ones. I will see if there are any seeds left from last season

Joined: 2011-03-10

That would be very nice of you, Kenneth

Joined: 2009-08-07
Rose of Sharon seeds

Are you still looking for ROS seeds? If so I have seeds from my Pinkish lavender bush. Email Me and put Rose of Sharon in the subject line so I know it isn't spam

Joined: 2009-08-07
i also have seeds, email me

i also have seeds, email me and i will get them out to you.

Joined: 2010-09-02
ROS Seeds

Do you still have any more Blue and White Ros? I can trade you them for some of my Okra seeds if you want. compkatthegardener@hotmail.com


Joined: 2011-05-11
have rose of sharon

have lavender rose of sharon seeds and some mix that I recieved in a trade. Hit me up at peaches0104@yahoo.com

Joined: 2011-08-09
can get seeds from my plants

I believe I can get ya seeds from my roses of sharrons... I have white, pink, purple varieties.

Cathy 63
I have rose of sharon

white chifon very pretty the seed pods have just appeared so it will be ahile before there ready to mail.

Cathy 63

I also have a pink rose like one that is very pretty

Joined: 2012-08-24
I have white chifon very pretty!

Im looking for yellow trumpet vine seeds if you know anyone.

not so crazy cat lady
have Rose of Sharon seedlings to give away

We have white, blue, pink, and lavender Rose of Sharon in our yard. We have a lot of seedlings that have come up, from several inches to several feet tall. No guarantee of color, as the birds have helped to "plant" them. If interested, please contact.

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