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MILKWEED (aka Asclepias)

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Joined: 2013-03-06

Hi, new guy around here.

Looking for as many varieties of Milkweed "Asclepias" seed as I can find....even a few seed --of any of the dozens of varieties-- will be valued.

At the moment, the best thing I have to offer are Thumbergia aka "Black-eyed Susie VINE" some perennial white Hibiscus seed.

So, if you've collected seed from milkweed, any milkweed, and you're willing to part with a few please let me know. (YES, that milkweed growing by the railroad or at the yard's edge !)

The 5-year-old grandson & I are hoping to start a rather large Milkweed planting to provide habitat & larva food for the monarch butterfly (milkweed is all their caterpillars eat)..then we hope to raise some Monarch from eggs, through caterpillar & pupa & then watch the adults emerge from their chrysalis & set them free (Monarchs, like many butterflies, face a declining population).

Thanks a lot ;)


I have milkweed seeds for you.

Dear Mike,
I just replied to your request on the site, and am happy to send you milkweed seed.
I'd be happy to trade for your Hibiscus seed. Thanks! Annette

Joined: 2014-03-24
Mike, Free milkweed seeds


Free milkweed seeds (with SASE) are also available here:

I hope that helps! :) Glad to see someone else looking out for the monarchs!

Joined: 2014-11-04
Milkweed Seeds

I have Swamp Milkweed, Common Milkweed and Whorled Milkweed. I realize this post was some time ago.


I once had a monarch caterpillar on some parsley.(I had to let him live undisturbed,Ha,even the caterpillar is beautiful!)
It may not hurt to include some parsley carrot queen annes lace dill fennel parsnip in host plantings.

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