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need flower seeds

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Joined: 2014-02-09

lost my father in law last summer and he was an avid veggie gardner, mother in law wants flowers. im looking for pampas grass (3) and millet seeds for growing. for trade Ill send veggies. Ill be able to send out the list as soon as I can get into the shed.

Joined: 2014-11-04
Are you still looking for

Are you still looking for seeds? Here is my list. If you're willing to send a bubble envelope SASE I could send you seeds.

•**-means I have MANY of this kind of seed so don't hesitate to ask for extras
•Allium, Nigrum G
•Aster, Purple Dome, G
•Bachelor Button, Blue Boy G**
•Bachelor Button, mixed G**
•Bachelor Button, white w/pink center G
•Balsams (Touch Me Not) purple only G
•Castor Bean, red G poisonous to humans & animals (bulky)
•Castor Bean Carmencita-few, G
•Columbine Mix
•Coreopsis, Grandiflora/Lanceleaf G**
•Cosmos, Antiquity
•Cosmos, Burgundy 2-toned G
•Cosmos, Orange G**
•Cosmos, Picotee G
•Cosmos, Sensation G or C**
•Daisy, African C
•Daisy, Oxeye, G
•Dianthus, red G
•I can't guarantee Echinacea seeds from hybrid plants, but you may try if you like. I don't know if they are viable and I don't know if they will stay true. I can only share.
•Echinacea, Augustifolia G
•Echinacea, Cheyenne Spirit G
•Echinacea, Harvest Moon pale yellow G
•Echinacea, Magnus G
•Echinacea, Pink Meteor G
•Echinacea, Red G thin flower petals that don't droop, dwarf
•Echinacea, Secret Affair G
•Echinacea, Tomato Soup G** (I have many)
•Echinacea, White Dove G
•Flax, blue G
•Gaillardia, Amblyodon G
•Gaillardia, Goblin G
•Gaillardia, Yellow Mesa G
•Grass, Fountain G
•Hibiscus, Burgundy G
•Hibiscus, Pink Dark (Hardy) G
•Hibiscus, Pink Light (Hardy)
•Hibiscus, White w/red throat G
•Hoary Vervain, Verbena Stricta G
•Hollyhock, Mini Pink G
•Hyssop, Giant Yellow G
•Larkspur, dwarf G
•Loosestrife, Yellow G
•Love In A Mist, Nigella blue G
•Marigold, Disco G
•Marigold, French Double G
•Marigold, Orange Kees G
•Marigold, Orange Double (short) G
•Marigold, Orange Double (tall) G
•Marigold, Queen Sophia C
•Marigold, Sparky C
•Marigold, Yellow Double G
•Mexican Hat, red G
•Mexican Hat, yellow G
•Mix, Annual Cut Flower C
•Mix, Easy C
•Mix, Flower Garden C
•Mix, Fragrant C
•Mix, Old Fashioned C
•Milkweed, Common Pink G**
•Milkweed, Swamp Dk. Pink G
•Moonflower (Datura) C
•Morning Glory, Clarke's Heavenly Blue C
•Morning Glory, Grandpa Ott C
•Morning Glory, Tickle Me Pink G
•Nasturtium C
•Onion, Egyptian Walking G (10 per pkg. Bulky. Ask if you want larger amt.)
•Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa), white G**
•Rudbeckia, Hirta bi-color G**
•Rudbeckia, Triloba G
•Salvia, purple G
•Siberian Wallflower G**
•Smoketree (American) bush G
•Snapdragon mix C
•Spiderwort, purple G
•Sunflower, Evening Sun C
•Sunflower, Lemon Queen C
•Sunflower, Mammoth Russian G (Bulky)
•Sweet William
•Tansy, yellow G**
•Verbena Stricta G
•Zinnia, California Giant C
•Zinnia, Candy Cane G
•Zinnia, Red Knee High Profusion G
•Basil, Purple Ruffles G Beautiful purple fall color, licorice-cinnamon scent.
•Cantaloupe, Peach Vine G** Very sweet melon with fleshy yellow insides. Shorter number of days to maturity than traditional cantaloupe.
•Tomato, German Yoder (heirloom) G
• All these listed as (G) are from 2014.

Joined: 2014-11-15

I am so untested in your hibiscus seeds. I have Denver daisy, colimbine, coreopsis, datura please let me know


hi, looking for gourds

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