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Need seeds in exchange for cuttings

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Joined: 2013-02-05

Hello! I'm new to the forum and looking to switch my garden over to organic. I am willing to pay for shipping or exchange cuttings of heirloom roses (wild red & pink), an elderberry bush, or crab apples.

Looking for pretty much any fruit or vegetable that will grow in acidic clay soil in Zone 5.

-Tomatoes (beefsteak, roma, & cherry varieties)
-Carrots, yellow onions, leeks
-White & sweet potato spuds
-Pumpkins & melons
-All varieties of lettuce & greens
-Cukes, bell peppers, broccoli, cabbage
-Sweet corn
-Basil, oregano, & sage

Thanks so much!

possible trade

I have a variety of vegetable seeds i can send you a list of them. I am interested in both colors of the heirloom roses & the elderberry bush. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you.

Joined: 2013-02-05
possible trade

I'm definitely interested! You can contact me to set up a trade.

Joined: 2013-03-12
I have canteloupe, watermellon and tomato

Will trade you 25 cantaloupe, 25 watermelon and 25 tomato for a cutting from the mulberry and 2 from the crab apple?

The tomato is just a garden variety but they are heirloom and produce nice big juicy tomatoes.

Let me know.

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