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Hi, Everyone,

We have decided to close the Almanac forums.

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Joined: 2011-04-04

Hello Everybody,
I am fairly new to gardening! I have done some flower gardening the past few years with great success. This year I would really like to start vegetables, I rent a house with a very small back yard and since I have children dont wanna take up the space I already have. I am going to grow all my vegetable in pots, I have done so much research I am positive I will have great results. I am in need of any kind of seeds that will grow best like this, I have nothing to offer at this year, but will pay all postage. Would like to start off with the basics, tomatos, peppers, carrots, and whatever else will work well in pots. I am also looking for sunflowers, I m have room for them in my yard and my daughter has been begging for me to plant them, I know I need to do it soon, as I think the frost is over for the year. So if anyone has seeds they can share I will be happy to take. Also I welcome all advice, as I said I am knew to growing veggies! Oh and I would love to grow some herbs, oregano,parsley, anything I can, so if anyone has info on how to get started with those things your advice is greatly appreciated! Btw, I live in northeastern Pa, I keep hearing about zones but not sure what zone I live in or how to find out! Thank you everyone for all the help!

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