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Hi, Everyone,

We have decided to close the Almanac forums.

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Joined: 2011-08-31

Hello everybody! I just became a stay at home mom and am looking into ways to lower our grocery bill. I figure a vegetable garden is not only a great way to provide some food for our growing family, but it's also a great hobby and will keep me from staying cooped up in the house all the time. Now that I have the time to invest in a garden, I would like to see what I can grow!

If anybody has any spare seeds they would be willing to send to help us get started, I would appreciate it very much! Please send an email to halogirl311@yahoo.com for contact info. Thanks! :)

Joined: 2009-08-07
Welcome Rachel

We could use some more info to help you..
How big is your garden going to be?
Where do you live and do you know your Planting Zone?

Do you have any Ideas on what you like to eat/grow??

Joined: 2011-08-31
Our garden isn't going to be

Our garden isn't going to be very big. I'd like to try container gardening, so anything that would do okay in containers mostly. We live in Southern California, I think it's zone 10. As for what we like to eat...pretty much anything. I remember growing zucchini when I was a kid and having a blast with that. But I'm open to any suggestions about what might do well in our area.

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