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Newbie to forum but been gardening all my life. Moved from MI to WV and now have almost an acre to grow. Looking for seeds for SASE for flowers flowering bushes flowering trees and fruit trees. Have nothing to trade this year but with your help I will next year - Thank You for any help :)

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seed swap

I'm a newbie too. I have been on this site for approximately 20 mintues, but am already signed up. I can send you some seeds for Tecoma stans...a.k.a...esperanza bush. It has a nice yellow bloom on it and will produce tons of seed pods for more planting. The butterfly's love it. So let me know...good luck...Anne

Joined: 2014-07-18
Tecoma stans seeds

Hi Anne, Those sound really pretty and I love anything that attracts butterflies and humming birds. I would be grateful for your help, I lost 76 plants flowers and trees moving in July - guess I should have known better, but I had to try. Would you like me to send you SASE? How much postage? Bubble envelope? Let me know and Thanx - Jane

lisa evitt

Close to chattanooga tn if anyone wanta plants u divide

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