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Seeds for Exchange

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Joined: 2013-03-23

Wanted: Open :)


I have other seeds as well so if you don't see something feel free to ask. And if I don't have it one of our neighbors may.

tomato seeds
Malabar Spinach- Limited number of seeds. Prolific climber. Does great in 100+ degree heat. You can easily get 100's of additional seeds the first season from just a few plants.
Onion Seed (candy)
Evergreen Long White Bunching Onions (green onion)
Onion - Granex hybrid
Leeks (heriloom)
Salad Bowl Green Lettuce
Yugoslavian Red Lettuce- butterhead (Heriloom)
Romain Lettuce
Rougette deMontpellier Lettuce
Black Seeded Simpson lettuce
Walking Stick Kale
Green Kale
Mesclun Greens Mix
Red/Green Romain Lettuce Mix
Grand Rapids Lettuce
Mustard Green Southern Giant (Heriloom)
Spinach Mustard
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Golden Beet (Heriloom)
Swiss Chard (green)
swiss chard (rainbow- neon lights)
Cucumber - Straight Eight & Pickling
De Cicco Broccoli
Green Sprouting Broccoli
Brussel Sprouts
Fordhook Summer Squash (Zuchinni)
Patty Pan Squash (white)
Sweet basil
Cilantro (slow bolting)
Thyme (common)
Spicy Globe Thyme
White Icicle Radish
Cherry Belle Radish (Organic)
French Breaskfast Radish
Winter Squash Mix (Calabaza- 4 varieties)
Kalidoscope Carrort Mix
Carrot- Danvers half long
Other carrot seed
snow peas
blue lake bush beans (green beans)

Joined: 2013-03-23
Trade :)

I have alot of lemon basil and baby bell pepper seeds. I would like to try and grow the romain and candy onion that you have.

let me know thanks Laura


I have: flame squash, baking pumpkins, acorn squash, butternut, and spaghetti squash!
I need: broccoli, cantaloupe, bush peas...

I'd like to trade for 4 types of seeds. What do you want?

1) Leeks (heirloom)
2) Yugoslavian Red Lettuce- butterhead (Heirloom)
3) Rougette deMontpellier Lettuce
4) Walking Stick Kale
Thank you!

Joined: 2009-08-08

Hi.. I am interested in your walking stick kale.. Please let me know what you would be interested in.. Thanks so much


I am interested in your Pickling Cucumbers. Please let me know what I can trade for them.

I just started a small garden last year with my 10 and 4 yr old. We grew three different types of tomatoes and we had a lot of fun. This year we are expanding to peppers, pumpkins and cucumbers (my 4 yr old's request)


I am very interested in your green kale seeds. Where we are they do not sell them.

I'm hunting for seeds, I will

I'm hunting for seeds, I will have plenty to share next year but this year I don't have any. Hoping to save on expenses thanks to the economy.

Looking for

THC (yes. And its legal in WA:P)

If anyone can help, it'd sure be appreciated.

Post Office Box 472
Stanwood, WA 98292

Thanks in advance.


I will send some. Most are from 2013, but I am pretty sure some will still grow. I am in Granite Falls, so they should be fine for your region,too!


I just noticed the post of your request for seeds. Do you still need seeds?

Seed exchange

I am interested in:

Evergreen Long White Bunching Onions (green onion)
Mustard Green Southern Giant (Heriloom)
Golden Beet (Heriloom)
Spinach Mustard

Have for trade:

Beans: golden Wax, sugar snap peas
Tomato: Yellow Pear, Cherokee Purple Pole, lime green salad

Black Beauty Egg Plant

Joined: 2014-01-21

hey am interested in tomato seeds, candy onion, and leeks. I have gourd seeds and some different heirloom beans if your interested. I also have some yellow mum (actually alot) and some mammoth dill seeds.

My address is:

nathanael hibberts
1120 blalock rd se
adairsville ga 30103

carla garcia
vegetable and flower seeds

I would like some vegetable and flower seeds if anyone has any extras. I have some Zinnia seeds for trade also. Would also like sunflower seeds. Will send stamped envelope.

Carla Garcia
634 Jupiter Cir. N.E.
Dalton, GA 30721

Joined: 2014-02-08
Need seeds

Hi, I lost all my seeds last year when my whole garden died after I fell and needed back surgery. I would be more than happy to give back in any way possible next year. I can send stamped envelope to anyone. Thanks, Karen

Karen Prescher
13008 Big Indian Rd.
Callisburg, Texas 76240

Seed trade

Intereseted in a trade I have Hot pepper seads, califlower, tobabcco, tomato, collard, cucumber, and couple variaties of corn and many more. I you are intereseted in a trade let me know and I will post what I have avaible for trade.

Joined: 2014-02-08

I'm sorry, I lost my garden last year and do not have any seeds left this year. Sorry

Joined: 2014-02-06
I would like the butter

I would like the butter lettuce, keleudascope mix, or the straight eight cucumbers seeds. Email

Katherine Mae
Trade seeds


You have a few types of seeds that I would like very much to trade with you.

I have a variety of all heirloom seeds: beans, beets, tomatoes, carrots, cilantro, onions, etc..

I am interested in your Swiss chard rainbow neon, arugala, and snow peas. I am also looking for lemon thyme.

Thank you for your time and the best to you!


Lucia V
Seed. Swap

I am hostingmy first-ever seed swap in May. I am doing this as a start for my incredible Edible campaign. Te effort is to make edible vegetation available free to the public throughout the city.i have some background from years ago in the garden. In recent years I have strayed, so I am interested in getting back into the dirt. I am passionate about sharing the good of the earth with eceryone, not only those that can buy expensive produce in the supermarkets or farmer's markets. Would you be willing to contribute seeds for my swap? I would bemoat grateful.

Thank you!

Lehman petty

Hello I am interested in your watermelon and tomato seeds and would like to talk about what you would take in exchange

Joined: 2014-11-19
You are intereseted in a

You are intereseted in a trade let me know and I will post what I have avaible for trade.

seed swap

staceymal, you have SO MANY :) seeds that I would love to have, in particular:
malabar spinach (for the heat resistance)
spicy globe thyme
mesclum greens mix
fordhook summer squash
patty pan squash
walking stick kale (never seen this :)
yugoslavian red lettuce
any tomato seeds
snow peas
winter squash mix
any chard or beets
This is my first year planting after relocating, so I don't have much to trade, but I do have sonora white wheat, an ancient grain with 2 chromosomes instead of modern wheat's 5, and which might (might!) be easier for gluten-intolerant people to digest.
Whatever you can send my way would be greatly appreciated - I can send a self-addressed stamped envelope. Thanks :)

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