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Seeds to trade

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I'm looking for different types of squash mostly butternut or bon bon,kale and cucumbers or any veggies I don't have.we
hit up the $.25 seed sale at dirt cheap mostly burpee stuff loads of veg mostly organic. I have tomatos, yellow pear -red current -burpee big boy -brandy wine red-sweetie. Greens ruffled mustards -giant collards-7tops turnips and microgreen mix.cabbage redsalad delight.Onions sweet White Spanish -White bunching -parade.peppers califorina wonder -honey crisp hybrid -hot pepper beans all bush type blue lake 274 -tenderpick -golden wax improved -goldrush. Broccoli calabrese -emerald giant hybrid.cauliflower snowball x. Lettuce grand rapids -baby red mix.cucumber sugar crunch hybrid -national pickling- muncher- marketmore.squash fordhook zucchini prolific zuke hybrid -vegetable spaghetti- pic n pic hybrid -table queen.melons orange honeydew -hearts of gold cantaloupe- hales best jumbo -sugar baby watermelon -mini sweet -jubilee. Roots crops Detroit supreme beets -china Rose winter radish .Danvers half long carrots. Swiss chard neon lights mix. Fennel zero fino and a lot of beans and peas. Snow peas-black eye peas-butter beans-yellow and pink eye beans-black beans-chick peas-Lima beans-pinto beans

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