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Joined: 2010-05-22

Hi. I am looking to add some veggies to my garden this season and would love to start a trade thread. I see some threads already but if we could post everything in one place, it would be much easier. Just add your list and email so everyone can contact you. :)

I will update my list soon. thanks...


Joined: 2010-05-22
Beans Kentucky Blue

Beans Kentucky Blue Pole
Beans Yard long
Bird pepper
Cantalope Gold Mine (Hybrid)
Carrots Danvers half long
Corn Silver Bullet
Corn Yellow Supersweet
Cowpeas CA blackeye #5
Cucumber Carolina Hybrid
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Muncher
Eggplant Black Beauty
eggplant little fingers
Giant Noble
giant thai hot pepper
Grand Bell Mix (Pepper)
Habanero Pepper
Hot Pepper mix
Hungarian Hot Yellow Wax
Jade Okra
Kai Choy
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce Mesclun Mix
Onion (candy) hybrid
Radish Cherry Belle
Radish Early Scarlet Globe
Radish White Icicle
Runner bean hestia
Sweet basil
Tomato Big Beef
Tomato Burbank
Tomato Roma
Tomato SuperSweet Hybrid
Watermelon Charleston Gray
Watermelon Mickylee (bush)
Watermelon Sugar baby

Joined: 2011-03-17
seeds wanted for trade

I would like to have your seeds-corn silver bullet and supersweet corn,cARROTS GRAND DENVERS-GRAND MIX BELL PEPPER,LETTUCE MESCLUN-SWEET BASIL.ROMA TOMATO,. WATERMELON CHARLESTON GREY, MICKYLEE,and sugar baby.I have different kinds of vegetable seeds to trade sweetpea, different kinds of morning glory seeds,hyancinth bean, bird house gourd. let me know thanks diana

Joined: 2010-12-12
I have carrots grand denver,

I have carrots grand denver, and carrots nantes, also red hot peppers, bell peppers california wonder, white lady turnip...let me know if you want to trade..I would like your morning glory seeds and birdhouse gourds...this is my email

Joined: 2011-01-07
can we trade?

I have the following:Pink Popcorn
Mustard Greens
Red beets
Mix sweet pepp.
Mix hot pepp.
Orange sw pepp. baby
Black bean
Pinto bean
Northern bean
Mix Winter Sq.
Lemon basil
Long red hot cayenne
Purple Top Turnip

I would be interested in Yard long bean, Egg plant little fingers, Bok or Kai choy, and/or white icicle radish. Email me at mclaire6980 at hotmail.com if you are interested. Thanks

Joined: 2010-05-22
greenflower11, I am sorry but


I am sorry but my watermelon seeds are all traded out now. I only have a few seeds left for my garden now. I do have the corn though. I will also send you some carrots and the mesclun mix. I need some fall crops so the sweet peas would be ideal. If you have any cabbage, I would love those as well. If you have any other types of lettuces, I will gladly take them. You can email me rlal85@sbcglobal.net with your address and I will send out.

Joined: 2011-03-21
seeds to swap :)

I have:
Derby Bush Beans
Sweet Corn (late season)
Kaleidoscope Mix carrots

I would like:
Lemon thyme
Hot peppers or banana peppers
am open to other garden/ edible plant seeds or maybe some flowers

let me know what you would like to swap at hfailyer@yahoo.com and please put seed swap as the subject otherwise it will more than likely be deleted. Thanks!! :)

Joined: 2011-02-19
seeds to swap

I am limited as to my seeds right now, however I do have Ky Blue Moon Wisteria seeds, marigolds (unsure of the variety),wild flower mix, and a few others reserved for special trades. I am looking for heirloom cucumber, brown india mustard, yellow summer squash, or any veggie I don't have, herbs all except for common chives, sweet basil and cilantro,melons and berries, and wildlife attracting plants. You can contact me at erica_ann_2@yahoo.com
Just to make all aware there are a couple other sites that I use www.blossomswap.com and www.heirloomseedswap.com I have had lots of luck there. Thanks and God Bless!

Joined: 2011-03-20

I have willowleaf butterbean could you trade for Silver Bullet or Big Beef? Thanks

Joined: 2011-03-10
pick eye hull peas

I have three trades left of Pick eyes hull peas left willing to trade for tomatoes,eggplants,pepper and/ or other bean seeds

Joined: 2010-05-22
Trade Update

Hi everyone. I still have some seeds left for trade or s.a.s.e! Please email me at rlal85 at sbcglobal dot net with seed swap in the subject area and I will respond as soon as possible. If you haven't heard from me, then please email me and I will get back to you. Thanks everyone! and happy gardening!

Joined: 2011-03-10
seed trader

I have 3 trades of trucker Favorite White Corn and 2 Pink Eye Hull Peas left if interested trade for Roma Tomatoes, Eggplants, Squash, and/or other veggie seed

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