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vegetable seeds to swap

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Joined: 2013-10-19

cal ace DET 75dtm
rio grande v, ff DET 75dtm
roma vfn (only 5 seeds) IND 75 dtm
frenki (only 2 seeds) IND 72+ dtm

purple vienna kohlrabi
cucumber picklebush (burpee)
hopi red dye amaranth
red giant mustard green (burpee)
california wonder bell pepper green/red (only 5 seeds)
buttercrunch lettuce (10 seeds)
early jersey wakefield cabbage
tomatillo (no idea what type sorry)
snowball cauliflower (5 seeds)
american purple top rutabaga
white icicle radish (burpee)
pak choi
detroit dark red beets (burpee)
kabocha green cha-cha (johnny's select seeds)

dill fernleaf
basil aton
florence fennel

zinnia zahara mixed colors
marigold (burpees best mix)

am looking for:
cherry tomatoes
purple/yellow/red carrots
chocolate or purple bell peppers
hot peppers all varieties
purple coneflower
toscano or dinosaur kale
cantaloupe or honeydew
bunching/scallion onions
anything funky colored, unordinary, hard to find or that's fun to grow!

Joined: 2013-11-10
Interested in

I'm interested in your pak Choi kabocha and giant red mustards. For melons I have orange flesh honey dew hearts of gold cantaloupe and hales best jumbo organic mini sweet watermelons sugar baby and jubilee for tomatos I have sweetie red currant and yellow pear Lisbon White bunching onions hot pepper mix Spanish sweet White onions. Goin to dirt cheap on Saturday so gonna have more later

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