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Want veg seeds, have some veg some flower

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Joined: 2011-01-07

I have in quantity:

Carrot(white/orange mix)
Indian corn
Sweet pepper mix

Mini orange pepper
Hubbard squash
Purple top turnip
White habanero
Blue morning glory
Moon flower

Looking for all sorts of veggies, but no tomatoes

Joined: 2012-05-31
Want to swap

I have newly gathered Kale (mixed varieties) and Arugula. I'd be interested in sweet pepper mix, white habanero and moon flower. Please email reply.

Buy Tomato seeds

Dear Sir/Madame

I can deliver you tomato seeds 80-85% germination.
I begin with 500.000 tomato seeds, I can deliver more.

I can send you tomato samples with 100 tomato seeds.

When you will buy this product you can come to Holland to pick it up?.

I can deliver this seeds for very special prices.

I can also deliver many other seeds.

Best regards Marko Karremaker.

Tomato seeds

Joined: 2012-07-25
can you send me peppers

can you send me peppers

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