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Wanted: Anything for my gardens

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Joined: 2010-04-28

I am new at gardening. I have lots of acres to "sow". I just started my vegetable garden its tiny but blessed.

I have a maple tree that was given to me as well as daffodils. I am looking for variety as well as rarety.

Our house burned a few years ago. We live next door to the house. I am planning on planting where the house burned to commemerate the memories that have been shared there and the love that continues to grow here on the mountain.

If you have anything you are willing to share with me, it would be grealty appreciated. Once everything gows and blooms, I will be glad to share the seedlings as well as God's word.

Thank you and please say a prayer for my little garden that it may grow abundantly.

Joined: 2010-04-28
what are you looking

i have a couple of pounds of diffrent seeds of common vegtables im in pa i can send you some packets of whatever if you send me a self addressed envelope i have broccli brussel sprouts lettuce carrots tomatoes pepers melons pumpkins squash stuff like that

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