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Joined: 2010-03-27

If interested email me at ktreve@hotmail.com

I'm looking for different Dianthus.
Deltoides - Raspberry surprise, Shrimp, Spangled star, Zing rose, Cranberry Ice.
Superbus - Crimsonia, Frosty fire, Mischung, Gypsy
Others - Coconut punch, Fire star, Sangria Splash, Spotty, Strawberry sorbet

I have A LOT of seeds to trade.

o African Daisy – ‘Mixed Colors’
o Bells of Ireland – ‘Antique Apple Green’
o California Poppy – ‘Summer Sorbet’
o Cosmos – Picotee
o Cosmos – regular
o Cosmos – ‘Pysch White’
o Datura – ‘Belle Blanche’
o Hollyhock – ‘Tall Double Mix’
o Morning Glory – ‘Split Personality’
o Morning Glory – ‘Heavenly Blue’
o Morning Glory – ‘Knowlians Black’
o Morning Glory – ‘Chocolate’
o Morning Glory – ‘Sunshine Serenade’
o Nasturim – ‘Mahogany’
o Nigella – ‘Mulberry Rose’
o Salvia Coccinea – ‘Coral Nymph’
o Zinnia – ‘Purple Prince’
o BeeBalm – red
o Bugbane – ‘Black Negligee’
o Butterfly Bush – ‘Bright Wings’
o Cardinal Flower
o Ceratium – ‘Snow in Summer’
o Columbine – ‘Tequila Sunrise’
o Columbine – ‘Pink Tower’
o Columbine – mixed
o Coreopsios – ‘American Dream’
o Foxglove – ‘Mixed Colours’
o Foxglove – ‘Chocolate’
o Foxglove – ‘Primrose Carousel’
o Foxglove – ‘Alba’
o Jack Pine tree
o Liatris – ‘Kobold’
o Lupin – ‘Cherry’
o Maltese Cross
o Malva – ‘Zebrina’
o Pasque Flower – mixed purple & ruby
o Passionflower – ‘Caerulea’
o Peony Poppy – tangerine color P
o Perennial Poppy – Orange with white center
o Potentilla – ‘x Melton Fire’
o Pumpkin – ‘Jack B’Litttle’
o Rudbeckia – ‘Cherry Brandy’
o Shasta Daisy Daisy – ‘Crazy Daisy’
o Shasta Daisy – ‘Alaska’
o Armenian Cucumber
o Basil, Thai – ‘Queenette’
o Cantaloupe – ‘Sweet Granite’
o Pea – ‘Oregon Sugar Pod II’
o Parsley – ‘Curly’
o Garden Pea – ‘Henderson’s Lima’
o Tomatillos – ‘Two Color Fiesta’
o Tomato – ‘Mamande’
o Tomato – ‘Chianti Rose’

Joined: 2011-03-08
i am wondering

I am wondering about the tomatillos seeds, my mother and I tried planting some last year and they didnt do very well. I dont have anything to trade you for them but i would greatly appreciate it if you would be kind enough to send me some and let me try them, if so e-mail me and i will send you my address. thank you

Paying it forward
Seed swap

I am hostingmy first-ever seed swap in May. I am doing this as a start for my incredible Edible campaign. Te effort is to make edible vegetation available free to the public throughout the city.i have some background from years ago in the garden. In recent years I have strayed, so I am interested in getting back into the dirt. I am passionate about sharing the good of the earth with eceryone, not only those that can buy expensive produce in the supermarkets or farmer's markets. Would you be willing to contribute seeds for my swap? I would bemoat grateful.

Thank you!

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