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Welcome! Read before you start!

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Joined: 2009-08-10

Welcome to the Seed Swap! If you've been searching for an elusive variety of vegetable or flower or have seeds to share, here's the place for you! We hope that you enjoy this free community space.

Click here to read the Seed Swap Rules before you get started. Remember that you may only swap seeds. It is illegal to send bulbs, rhizomes, and other vegetative plant parts to some states and countries.

To protect your privacy, we strongly recommend that you do NOT post your personal contact information on the world wide web. To allow other users to contact you by e-mail, just click the button for "My Account," click the edit tab, and check the box "Personal contact form." This allows other registered users to contact you through our Web site without exposing your personal details publicly.

Note: no commercial links are allowed. They will be removed and users will be warned, blocked, or banned.

Please don't use ALL CAPS in your post — it makes your swap hard to read!

Make it easy to read your posts! Title your post with "Will Swap" or "Wanted" and use a word that describes the type of seeds you're interested in. For example, post "Will Swap: Zinnias" or "Wanted: Pumpkin."

If you have more suggestions, please post to this thread to share with your seed swap community. Thank you.

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