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El Nino 2009-2010

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new forum needs a new topic and what better to start off with el nino.....unlike many on this forum that see this aas being a weak event i belive the new bom numbers monday will show nino 4 and nino 3.4 to warm even more...this is due to enhanced westerlies now propagating and forcing positive upper ocean heat content anomalies to also move across the nino regions

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El Nino question

Still trying to figure out the difference between El Nino and La Nina?

Joined: 2009-08-27
el nino is a warming of the

el nino is a warming of the pacific equatorial waters caused by a weakening of 850hpa easterly trade winds and an enhancement of westerly trade winds wich allow warmer waters to propagate over the 4 nino regions (walker circulation reversal) nina is the exact opposite and can cause catastrophic flooding in some areas and drought elsewhere...el nino and la nina impacts are felt around the globe at any latitude due to brewer-dobson circulation..due to this circulation (hadley and farell cell transport) alot of our upper air features are influenced by this anomalous warming (el nino) or anomalous cooling (la nina)

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You said there's a reason, I

You said there's a reason, I agree with your opinion, thank you for sharing, good luck to you!
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what is it looking like for

what is it looking like for the 2011-12 winter year El Nino or La Nina?

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