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New Idea for Nuclear Fusion

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My home is on Orcas Island, Washington but I lived most of my life in Hawaii--so my name here is "Maui," the Polynesian demi-god of solar-terrestrial physics. I have a theory that the Sun influences volcanoes in ways which are illuminated by Hawaiian and New Zealand legends, and some day this energy may be harnessed to produce electricity. One promising new idea is that volcanic tritium might be used to fuel hybrid nuclear reactors, which use fission to create fusion.

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Tritium has a halflife of 13.6 years

Tritium has a halflife of 13.6 years, so there isn't supposed to be tritium in volcanic gas. However, when Pons & Fleischman announced their cold fusion results, they thought they were racing similar research from Steven E Jones at BYU. However, Jones was looking at tritium in volcanic gases.

Research since then hasn't caught my attention, but I did find this negative report that is fairly recent. The conclusion is that tritium is coming from rainfall soaking into the ground and being incorporated in volcanic emissions.


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