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Researching Central Iowa weather and stories during WWII

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Joined: 2009-12-15

I am writing a young adult novel that takes place in Huxley, IA between the summer of 1941 and approximately Dec.1945. Most weather search engines including OFA only go back to 1945.
If you have any weather memories/information of that time, specifically concerning December 7, 1941, but other landmark dates as well, I would appreciate it. General stories about life on a farm as well as events related to the ROTC program at Iowa State in 1941-43, especially related to the Air Force, are also welcome. The fictional story takes place on my late uncle's hog farm there.
Thanks for any help you can give.

Joined: 2009-08-07
Just a thought....

You might try going on This is the weather site for UK and for the world. They may be able to help you as they forcast worldwide. Also have you tried the British Legion site as in their magazine is a section for people trying to trace events and personnel in days gone by. Maybe somebody may have the information you yearn. Good luck with your adventure for writing a story is always an adventure as you never know how it will end, if ever.
Still keeping my NY resolution YB.

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