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SF Bay Area Weather-El Nino

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Here in the South Bay San Jose area we have been experiencing frost and snow on the mountains. A major storm was predicted this week with heavy rains. So far we only got showers and showers are predicted for the next few days. This storm is coming from Alaska.

With El Nino I thought the storms would come from the Pacific around Hawaii on shore. My question is did El Nino switch the pattern and we won't have a lot of rain this winter?

It seems like a few years back when we had a cold December winter was drier with less rain. I know it is still early to tell but I was wondering if we are really going to have the El Nino that was predicted a few months back?

How will our winter/spring fair? Will we have warmer weather coming our way? Will the precipitation be below normal, normal or above normal?

It seems like in this storm Southern California got the heavier rain and snow as opposed to us. How is it that we only got some showers and LA got heavier rain?

This tells me that our area might get less rain than in the LA Basin for this winter and spring.

In 1998 and 2005 the last El Nino it seemed like December was warmer. I checked the weather history and December had temperatures around 65 for the most part.

Thanks for your help with this.

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