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Where for art thou Worcester, Mass?

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I tried searching for something like this and could not find it so I thought I'd make a new post. If this is a re-post of anything please feel free to redirect me.

When we were in the process of moving here I emailed the Almanac and asked what Region Worcester Mass was in. The map shows a line going straight thru Worcester so it wasn't clear. The email I received back said I should follow the forecasts for Region 2.

However now that we've been here a few years, I see that Worcester is a "cold spot" in Massachusetts and perhaps Region 1 would be more apt. It seems we are always cooler than the coast (except in summer) and when it snows we usually get the high end of any prediction, plus an extra 2" on top of that. Worcester does not get nearly as much snow as northern New England but it tops Boston's precipitation by several inches.

This year I'm going to start a vegetable garden and I am wondering if I should push back the planting another week or so due to being in a cold spot.

Thanks for any input/comments,

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I'm in a dual region too

Hi Christa, I'm subject to weather from either region 2 or region 3, so I go with the worst case ... sometimes the Appalachians block weather, and sometimes not!

So I think your instincts are right about waiting a week, although you could try planting short rows early on if you can spare the seeds. ;)

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