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The Astronomy Forum is for readers who are interested in the study of planets, constellations, stargazing, eclipses, meteors, comets, and more. (NOTE: THIS SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED WITH ASTROLOGY. The placement of the planets in the signs of the zodiac is NOT the same astronomically and astrologically. See Astrology Forum below.) New? Our forums are free! However, you need to register and abide to forum rules.
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ask jupiter?
0 by mamakat
2013-03-22 09:54
by Heirloomketchup
2014-02-03 12:47
Another great observation!
0 by Kyle
2011-07-17 13:33
by akd200
2011-12-01 07:59
Angle of the Sun
0 by Marybeth Shipley
2014-04-30 16:15
by Marybeth Shipley
2014-05-14 11:34
A Successful Observation
0 by Kyle
2011-07-16 08:39
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0 by zizou
2015-05-21 00:10
by tonychopper
1 hour 27 min ago
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