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Gardening Articles

Below are garden plans for dry gardens. After you review the examples below, enjoy hundreds more garden plans with the Almanac Garden Planner here.

See samples of garden plans for a backyard or family garden. There's nothing like growing fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruit right outside your home!

See samples of garden plans for a small garden.

Get inspired with these garden plans for vegetables, herbs, and fruit!

Protect your garden from frost with the different ways through which you can reduce the amount of cooling in and around your garden.

Here are tips on how to identify, control, and prevent blossom-end rot on your tomatoes and garden plants.

Birds are a welcome addition to the garden, but if the crows are devouring your corn and the jays are eating your berries, there are ways to deter them and live in harmony.

Here are tips on how to identify, control, and get rid of imported cabbageworm.

Did you save seed packets from prior gardening seasons? Here is a system to test your garden seeds and see if they can be used for the next gardening season.

Pressed flowers make lovely cards, pictures, pretty boxes, and much more. Here's instructions on how to press those lovely blooms.

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