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Gardening Articles

Are sweet potatoes the same as yams? No. . . and yes. Here's the scoop.

The Native American art of making apple heads is both easy and fun. Follow these instructions for a creative fall craft.

Here are tips on how to clean a pumpkin for cooking—plus five delicious pumpkin recipes!

Although Japanese beetles have a wide range of favorite foods, some plants are more appealing to them than others.

A cover crop is any crop grown to provide soil cover; they can be used for purposes such as prevention of soil erosion and blocking weeds. The following is a list of cover crops suitable for growing in various regions of Canada.


Did you know that there are "hot" and "cold" methods of composting? Read on to learn more.

Creating a bird-friendly environment is simply a matter of providing the creature comforts we all crave: food, protective cover, and a cozy spot for raising a family.

Plant hardiness zones help gardeners understand which plants will most likely survive at a location.

Contact your local state cooperative extension Web site to get help with tricky insect problems, best varieties to plant in your area, or general maintenance of your garden.

Do you know the language of flowers? As our list below shows, each flower has its own meaning. Orange blossom, for instance, symbolizes chastity, purity and loveliness, while red chrysanthemum means I love you.

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