Gardening Articles

Here are some tips on how to take care of your perennial garden.

Growing roses can be difficult; in fact, a truly "easy" rose doesn't really exist outside our imaginations. But some are easier to grow than others, and a few rose-growing tips will help ensure success.

Roses, besides being magnificent flowers, have a long history.  Roses' links to antiquity are strong, which is why many gardeners love them.

Lily flowers are magnificent plants that command attention wherever they are planted. Add some majesty to your garden with Asiatic or Oriental Lilies.

Here are four tips on how to keep flowers looking fresh and at their best, whether you have cut fresh flowers from your own garden or brought some home from the store.

When it's nearly time to plant, you'll want to prepare your garden soil.  If your soil needs help, here are some tips on soil fixes and soil amendments.

Keep your garden green with these do-it-yourself watering devices.

It is hard to argue against the merits of a large rain barrel positioned to catch rainfall, especially from downspouts or gutters, and using it for your plants on dry days or during drought.

A knot garden is artfully laid out and planned in order to resemble the threads of ancient Celtic knot work. Knot gardens have been a part of traditional garden design for hundreds of years, yet they are rarely seen these days.

There are as many different interpretations of shade garden types as there are books written about shade.