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A plant terrarium is a mini-ecosystem that creates its own atmosphere and needs little from the outside except light. Moisture that condenses on the glass runs down to remoisten the soil. The glass protects the plants from insects and diseases, as well as the dry air...

The Praying Mantids, or mantises, have fascinated humans throughout time. If you're among the curious, read on . . .

Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is the best known of the 100 or so milkweed species native to North America. The name "common" fits the plant well because when not in bloom, it goes pretty much unnoticed, growing humbly along roadsides, in fields, and in...

Lichens are an amazing group of plants that could be the oldest living things on Earth. Their colonies grow at steady and predictable rates, so their age can be estimated with a great degree of accuracy. Some lichens found in the Arctic are thought to be over 5,000 years old.

Who hasn't marveled at the aerial abilities of dragonflies as they glide effortlessly over sparkling streams, pristine ponds and lakes, plucking insects from the air with deadly precision?

Late winter is a good time for pruning in many regions. Here are some tips and a list of common shrubs and trees to prune in late winter or early spring.

Have you ever wanted a window box blooming with color in front of your kitchen window?

Boxes can be bought ready-made or you can build your own. Here are some tips:

Herbs are great companions to food in your culinary masterpieces, and they are great companions in the garden, too.

Cyclamens (Cyclamen persicum) are attractive easy-care houseplants that will bloom continuously throughout the winter months. They are a unique alternative to the traditional holiday poinsettia or Christmas cactus.

African Violets are stunning tropical plants whose flowers resemble violets in color and shape. Their cheerful flowers perched just above a neat rosette of dark-green, fuzzy leaves may bloom constantly throughout the year.

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