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Gardening Articles

When planting window boxes, choosing plants that match your sun exposure is the key to success.

Different vegetables require different conditions to thrive. Plan your garden accordingly with our guidelines below for growing vegetables.

See our list of deer-resistant plants to keep the hungry herds away from your garden!

List of Plants That Attract Butterflies

It's obvious: Butterflies and flowers were made for each other. As the poet pointed out, butterflies are flying flowers, and flowers are tethered butterflies.

The black walnut tree is one of our most valuable and beautiful native trees. The easily worked, close-grained wood has long been prized by furniture- and cabinetmakers for its attractive color and exceptional durability. Its logs are in such demand for veneer that "walnut...

The more you let nature do the work for you, the easier it will be to care for your lawn. Here are techniques to help you improve your relationship with your lawn.

Known as "The Royalty of the Garden," azaleas have long been adored for their brightly colored flowers and outstanding form and foliage.

If you're a beginner vegetable gardener, here are basics on vegetable garden planning: site selection, plot size, which vegetables to grow, and other gardening tips.

Add an extra season of interest with fall-blooming flowers, colorful shrubs, and other plants that are at their best in the fall. Here are some Almanac picks for spectacular fall color.

Using low-maintenance landscaping techniques can reduce much of your yard work. Mowing, weeding, watering, and pruning can be overwhelming, even for those who love to garden. Here are a few tips:

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