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For a winter bouquet, here is a list of spring-blooming shrubs and trees that can be forced to bloom indoors.

Are sweet potatoes the same as yams? No. . . and yes. Here's the scoop.

Here are some fun facts about cranberries, an American native and a favorite seasonal ingredient in traditional holiday recipes.

The Native American art of making apple heads is both easy and fun. Follow these instructions for a creative fall craft.

Here are tips on how to clean a pumpkin for cooking—plus five delicious pumpkin recipes!

Although Japanese beetles have a wide range of favorite foods, some plants are more appealing to them than others.

A cover crop is any crop grown to provide soil cover; they can be used for purposes such as prevention of soil erosion and blocking weeds. The following is a list of cover crops suitable for growing in various regions of Canada.


Here's The Old Farmer's Almanac guide to regional U.S. cover crops. ​Or, see our regional Canadian cover crops chart.