Seed Starting and Planting Date Calculator for Ashburn, VA


Here are seed-starting dates for your first spring planting. These dates are based on historical frost dates, as reported by your nearest government weather stations.

Historical data is useful way to get a sense of "typical" frost dates to give you a general sense of timing. However, it is not a replacement for good judgement. Obviously, you need to be aware of your weather this coming season. Other factors that can also influence your planting dates include soil temperature, altitude and slope of land, nearby waters, and day length. Also, keep records of your garden's conditions each year to plan more accurately.

On chart below, please note:

  • Seeds for plants with a long growing season should be started indoors during the periods shown below.
  • Seeds for plants sown in the ground should be planted during the periods shown.
  • When no dates appear in the chart, that starting method is not recommended for the particular vegetable.
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50% probability of frost free after April 23 (at WASHINGTON DULLES INTL, VA climate station).

CropStart Seeds IndoorsMoon-favorable DatesSet Out Plants/
Start Seeds Outdoors
Moon-favorable Dates
BeansApr 30-May 21May 6-21
BeetsApr 9-30Apr 23-30
BroccoliMar 11-26Mar 11-23Apr 2-23Apr 7-22
Brussels sproutsMar 11-26Mar 11-23Mar 26-Apr 16Apr 7-16
CabbageFeb 26-Mar 11Mar 8-11Mar 26-Apr 9Apr 7- 9
CarrotsMar 19-Apr 2Mar 24-Apr 2
CauliflowerMar 11-26Mar 11-23Mar 26-Apr 9Apr 7- 9
CeleryFeb 12-26Feb 12-22Apr 30-May 14May 6-14
CollardsMar 11-26Mar 11-23Mar 26-Apr 16Apr 7-16
CornApr 23-May 7May 6- 7
CucumbersMar 26-Apr 2May 7-28May 7-21
EggplantFeb 12-26Feb 12-22May 7-28May 7-21
KaleMar 11-26Mar 11-23Mar 26-Apr 16Apr 7-16
KohlrabiMar 26-Apr 16Apr 7-16
LeeksFeb 12-26Feb 12-22Mar 26-Apr 16Apr 7-16
LettuceMar 11-26Mar 11-23Apr 9-May 7Apr 9-22, May 6- 7
MelonsMar 26-Apr 2May 7-28May 7-21
OkraMay 7-21May 7-21
Onion setsMar 26-Apr 16Mar 26-Apr 6
ParsnipsApr 2-23Apr 2- 6, Apr 23
PeasMar 11-Apr 2Mar 11-23
PeppersFeb 12-26Feb 12-22May 7-28May 7-21
Potato tubersApr 16-May 7Apr 23-May 5
PumpkinsMar 26-Apr 9Apr 7- 9May 7-28May 7-21
RadishesFeb 26-Mar 19Feb 26-Mar 7
SpinachMar 11-Apr 2Mar 11-23
SquashMar 26-Apr 9Apr 7- 9May 7-28May 7-21
Sweet PotatoesMar 26-Apr 2Mar 26-Apr 2May 7-28May 22-28
Swiss ChardMar 11-26Mar 11-23Apr 2- 9Apr 7- 9
TomatoesFeb 26-Mar 11Mar 8-11Apr 30-May 21May 6-21
TurnipsMar 26-Apr 16Mar 26-Apr 6
WatermelonMar 26-Apr 2May 7-28May 7-21