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How to Plan a Garden

Online Garden Planner

A little upfront planning means a better harvest later. Try the Almanac Garden Planner for free here.

Personalized Planting Calendar!

Best Planting Dates for Vegetables

Get the best days to plant! Our new ALL-SEASONS gardening calendar starts in the spring—and goes through fall planting!

Gardening Blog

Gardening Tips for May

Continue fertilization of your rose bushes; liquid fertilizers can be added every two weeks. More


Gardening Question of the Day

Salt from ice melt has turned the grass at the edge of my sidewalks brown. How can I get the gree... More

Gardening for Beginners

Beginner Gardening Tips

Information about how to plant a garden, easy vegetables to grow, and more!
See our beginning gardening tips.

Growing Guides! Vegetables & More!

Growing Guides for Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit, Flowers

Free Growing Guides with information on over 100 common vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers!
Browse our growing guides.

Garden Pests & Disease

Garden Pests and Diseases

Problems in the garden? Help is on the way! See our garden plant pests and disease control library.

Garden Tips Videos

A well-planned garden is a productive one! Watch video.

How to Use Raised Beds in Garden
Learn how to build raised beds and which soil to use. Watch video.

Find ALL of our essential gardening videos here.